List of First Ascents

1970 Wall and Groove
FA. R.Edwards and party 4.70. (Possibly climbed by D.Yeats in the 60s).
FA. Unknown 1970. FFA Unknown 1979.
1982 Penelope Direct
FA. A.Pollitt 1982. Not Andy's best route.
1986 Spitting Image
FA. N.Clacher, D.Summerfield 8.8.86
1988 Colonel Hathi
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 5.3.88
Misplaced Childhood
FA. N.Jowett 8.3.88
Ivory Trade
FA. I.Williams, F.Ball 9.3.88
Jeux Sans Frontieres
FA. P.Freeman 11.3.88
1988 Dwarf Antics
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman, D.Summerfield 12.3.88
FA. N. Jowett, F.Ball, P.Freeman 3.88
Into a Groove
FA. P.Freeman, P.Smith, N.Jowett 3.88
Power Windows
FA. N.Clacher, N.Jowett, D.Lyon 11.4.88
Pure Conjecture
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman, N.Jowett 5.9.88
1989 A Show of Hands
FA. N.Jowett 3.89. Originally started up Spitting Image.
Fairground Attraction
FA. N.Jowett 5.89
1992 The Golden Chopper
FA. A.Barnett >1992