List of First Ascents

1972 Mayfair
FA. R.Edwards (some aid) 11.1972. FFA. A.Pollitt, J.Moffatt 16.3.1980
FA. R.Edwards (some aid) 11.1972. FFA. J.Moffatt 8.1983
Conner's Folly
FA. (aid) J.Conner and party 11.72
1973 Plumbline
FA. R.Edwards 8.1973
1979 Bauxed
FA. G.Roberts, T.Cunningham 1979
Space Invaders
FA. G.Roberts, H.Williams, S.Troop 1979/80
The Deep Fix
FA. G.Roberts, T.Cunningham 1979/80
1981 Go for Gold
FA. D.Towse 29.3.81
Carrigan's Groove
FA. K.Carrigan, D.Hall 5.1981. (Direct) A.Pollitt, P.Williams 27.6.1983
FA. D.Towse 11.6.1981
Axle Attack
FA. M.Griffiths, L.McGinley 6.1981
The Arc of Eternity
FA. I.Alderson 9.5.1981
FA. I.Alderson 9.5.1981
The Really Exciting Climb
FA. T.Freeman, G.Roberts, N.Radcliffe 4.1981
Dumbell Flyer
FA. S.Haston, I Johnson 2.7.81
Passionate Friend
FA. T.Freeman, D.Summerfield 8.81
1982 The Burning Sphincter
FA. J.Readhead, A.Newton 4.3.82
Green Flash
FA. Nobody will own up to it, but it was sometime in 1982.
Hom Rescue
FA. S.Haston 1982 (solo)
Ring Peace
FA. J.Redhead 1982
The Graduate
FA. T.Freeman 2.7.82 (solo)
The Disillusioned Screw Machine
FA. J.Readhead, A.Pollitt 27.7.1982. FFA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams 14.6.1983
Astro Blaster
FA. A.Pollitt, T.Freeman 5.8.82
The Bloods
FA. J.Readhead, K.Robertson 7.8.1982
The Breck Road
FA. T.Jones 30.8.82
FA. R.Fawcett 9.9.82
FA. M.Roberts, A Francis 21.10.1982
Gold Rush
FA. W.Wayman, P.Roberts, F.Crook 27.10.1982
Insidious Practices
FA. M.Roberts, I.Alderson 28.10.1982
Chain Gang
FA. A.Pollitt, T.Freeman 24.11.1982
Clear White Light
FA. K.Howitt, D.Towse, S.Jenkins 1.12.1982
Precious Time
FA. A.Pollitt, K.Robertson, J.Redhead 3.12.1982
1983 A Touch Too Much
FA. A.Pollitt, TFreeman 9.1.83
FA. M.Crook, D.Towse 3.83
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 11.5.83
Solid Gold
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 11.5.83
Vagal Inhibition
FA. K.Howitt, D.Towse, S.Jenkins 13.5.1983
Werry's Woof Woot
FA. J.Moffatt 5.83
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams 10.6.1983
Pale Shelter
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 10.6.1983
Sheik yer Money
FA. R.Fawcett, P.Williams 11.6.83. Direct start - D.Lyon 1985.
Love Over Gold
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 12.6.1983
Body Torque
FA. R.Fawcett 6.1983
Needle in the Groove
FA. R.Fawcett 6.1983
Precious Metal
FA. F.Crook, W.Wayman 5.6.1983
Midas Touch
FA. W.Wayman 1983
Pure Gold
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 8.6.1983
Wings of Perception
FA. J.Moffatt, P.Williams 6.1983
Scary Canary
FA. M.Crook, D.Towse, K.Howitt 4.1983
FA. D.Towse 3.1983
The Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test
FA. R.Fawcett 6.1983
The Visionary
FA. A.Grondowski, P.Williams, A.Pollitt 5.7.1983
FA. K.Howitt, D.Towse, M.Roberts 1983
FA. D.Towse, M.Roberts 5.1983
Private Investigations
FA. R.Fawcett 1983
FA. R.Fawcett 1983
Sourdough Direct
FA. G.Gibson 1983
After the Gold Rush
FA. W.Wayman, N.Shepherd 1983
FA. R.Fawcett, W.Wayman, P.Williams 6.1983
The Bearded Clam
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams 16.6.1983
FA. J.Moffatt, E.Jones 17.6.1983
Anchovy Madonna
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams 17.6.1983
String of Pearls
FA. D.Towse, M.Raine 19.6.1983
Adequate Compensation
FA. M.Raine, D.Towse, N.Foster, T.Freeman 21.6.83
King Krank
FA. M.Griffiths 25.6.1983
Pen Trwyn Patrol
FA. R.Fawcett, G.Fawcett, A.Pollitt, P.Williams 25.6.1983
The Pirates of Pen Trwyn
FA. A.Pollitt, R.Fawcett, G.Fawcett, P.Williams 25.6.1983
Magical Ring
FA. D.Lyon, C.Bundock, C.Lyon 30.6.1983
Pocket City
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams 30.6.83
Captain Fingers
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams, M.Crook 30.6.83
Mr. Chips
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams, J.Moffatt 1.7.83
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hudson 2.7.83. This was the first of Gary and Adams' routes on this wall, which they developed intensively for three weekends on the trot.
The Peppermint Pig
FA. A.Hudson, G.Gibson 2.7.83
The Bounty Hunters
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hubson, A.Popp, B.Higgs 2.7.1983
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hubson, A.Popp 2.7.1983
Wall of Blutes
FA. P.Williams, R.Fawcett, P.Clark, A.Grondowski, J.Moffatt 3.7.83. Now there's a star-studded first ascent team!
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hudson 8.7.83
New Gold Dream
FA. A.Hudson, I.Johnson, G.Gibson 10.7.83. For once Gary let one of his mates lead the route first.
Drip, Drip, Drip
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hudson, D.Towse 10.7.83
Spine Chill
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hudson 17.7.83
Storm Warning
FA. G.Gibson 17.7.83
Second Sense
FA. G.Gibson, A.Hudson 17.7.83
Thunder Road
FA. A.Pollitt 30.7.1983
Thin Red Line
FA. G.Gibson (1rest) 3.8.83. FFA. A.Pollitt, W.Wayman, N.Clacher 30.9.83. Named after the three red threads it used to have.
FA. J.Moffatt 8.1983
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook, P.Clark 21.9.1983
Silver Surfer
FA. M.Crook, A.Newton 21.9.83. New Wave Finish - J.Dawes 7.2.84
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 8.10.1983
White Seam
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 15.10.83
The Gold Coast
FA. I.Carr, C.Hardy 23.10.83
FA. W.Wayman, F.Crook 27.10.83
Vic 20
FA. W.Wayman, E.Strond 12.11.1983
Gold 'n' Delicious
FA. W.Wayman 4.11.1983
1984 Homo Sapien
FA. G.Gibson 2.5.1984
The Turquoise Tortoise
FA. G.Gibson 19.5.1984
Clear White Light Direct
FA. G.Gibson 20.5.1984
Call It Black
FA. G.Gibson 20.5.1984
Ape Shit
FA. A.Pollitt, T.Jones 15.6.84
Readers' Wives
FA. A.Pollitt 27.6.1984
The Eleventh Hour
FA. P.Clarke 16.7.84
White Hopes
FA. A.Pollitt, M.Atkinson 16.8.1984
Dive, Dive, Dive
FA. A.Pollitt 17.8.1984
Price of Gold Direct
FA. A.Pollitt 22.8.1984
Crunchy Toad IX
FA. S.Lewis 24.8.1984
Stolen Copse
FA. M.Crook 9.9.84
The Thin Turquoise Line
FA. G.Gibson, S.Whalley 15.9.1984
FA. G.Gibson 22.9.1984
The Senile Penile Extension
FA. A.Pollitt 29.9.1984
FA. P.Clarke 13.10.84
Methylated Laughter
FA. D.Lyon, G.Smith 21.10.84
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 30.10.84
1985 The Cold War
FA. G.Gibson, M.Jones 12.1.1985
FA. D.Lyon 1.1985
FA. C.Lyon, D.Lyon 1.1985
Norman's Wisdom Tooth
FA. G.Gibson, N.Clacher 19.1.1985
Norman's Wisdom
FA. G.Gibson, N.Clacher 19.1.1985
No Arc, No Bark
FA. G.Gibson 19.1.1985
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
FA. G.Gibson 2.2.1985
After the Fact
FA. G.Gibson 2.85
Captain Percival
FA. M.Jones, G.Gibson 16.2.85. In 1990 many of the routes on this wall were bolted which caused little or no outrage at the time. However the following year the bolting of Captain Percival in particular caused one young man of Pen y Pass Youth Hostel to get very hot under the collar. He wrote to a number of magazines, "Take care lads because the time for agreement is over. As far as I am concerned your licence to bolt has been revoked!"
Small Bore
FA. G.Gibson, T.Hodgson 16.2.85
1985 Hot Club
FA. G.Gibson, J.Adams 21.2.85
Burslem Boys
FA. G.Gibson 24.2.85
FA. C.Lyon, C.Bundock 24.2.1985
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 16.3.1985
Capturing the Coelacanth
FA. G.Gibson 20.4.1985
Foulish, Goulish
FA. G.Gibson 8.3.1985
Reading Henry by the Road
FA. M.Ryan, D.Staniforth, D.Leadbeater 4.9.85
Treat Me Like a Person
FA. M.Ryan, R.Owens 7.9.85.
Michelle's Pillar
FA. N.Clacher, K.Simpson 20.10.85
1986 Mumbo Jumbo
FA. N.Clacher, R.Kaye, D.Summerfield 12.4.86. The first route on these walls which had previously been ignored by everyone else in favour of better rock elsewhere. However now that it has been developed we have been left with a good set of routes which have become even more valuable since the various restrictions on climbing elsewhere.
Brothers in Arms
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 27.4.86.
Fears for Tears
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 4.5.86
Tears as Souvenirs
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 4.5.86
Absolute Beginners
FA. N.Clacher, D.Summerfield, A.Pollitt 7.5.86
Pink and Black
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 8.5.86
Purple Tight Fright
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 11.5.86
The Triad
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 27.5.86
The Irishman Must Go
FA. S.Haston, R.Kaye 27.5.86
Parting Shot
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 29.5.86. Left-hand finish claimed as 'Amadeuso Late' by persons unknown in 1994-ish.
Bored Games
FA. B.Drury 1986
FA. C.Smith 1986
Two-ton Caiman
FA. G.Gibson, M.Ward 11.7.1986
Physical Abuse
FA. M.Lovatt, J.Dunne, G.Rimmer 20.9.86. A raiding party from Yorkshire.
Confuse the Aardvark
FA. P.Pritchard 26.10.1986
FA. P.Pritchard, N.Harms 8.11.1986
Planned Obsolescence
FA. D.Lyon, M.Hammill 14.12.86
1987 Snakes and Ladders
FA. J.Dawes 1.1987
Romancing the Sloane
FA. P.Hawkins,J.deMontjoye 1.3.87
Silage Time
FA. S.Lowe, G.Smith 13.6.87
I Can Taste Those Cakes Already
FA. P.Hawkins, G.Smith, M.Lovatt 1987. Named after a comment from a contestant in an informal climbing competition at Malham. The prize was as many cakes as you can eat from the local cake shop.
Price of Gold
FA. D.Lyon 5.1987
More Quizzical than Physical
FA. G.Smith 1987
More Genius
FA. G.Gibson 9.9.1987
Welcome to the Power Bulge
FA. G.Smith, P.Hawkins 1987
Poison Rain
FA. D.Lyon, P.Freeman 10.9.87
Pot of Gold
FA. N.Clacher, P.Freeman, F.Ball 2.11.1987
Plagued by Fools
FA. G.Gibson 7.11.1987
1988 Tales of No Power
FA. G.Gibson 9.1.88
Bring Back Fred Gwynne
FA. G.Gibson 24.1.88
No Bark, No Drill
FA. G.Gibson 7.2.1988
Candle in the Wind
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 21.4.1988
Loose Lingo
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 18.5.88
Vagal Exhibition
FA. D.Lyon 1988
Watch Your Poison
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman, D.Lyon 18.6.88
FA. P.Hawkins 7.1988
FA. S.Grieve, S.Lee 7.88. Another Peak District raiding party.
The Seagull has Landed
FA. M. 'Bad, Bad' Pretty 17.7.88. The original hangars were removed by Gary Gibson who had put the bolts in and not bothered to climb the route. He wanted them for a new route on Clwyd limestone.
FA. (The Nut Cluster) P.Smith 16.8.1988
The Nut Cluster
FA. P.Smith 16.8.88
Horizontal Pleasures
FA. E.Stone, P.Hawkins 12.9.88
The Fly
FA. P.Smith 28.9.88
1989 Tomorrow People
FA. P.Smith 1989
Dumped in Pants
FA. N.Jowett 1989
John Paul and the Vatican 7
FA. E.Stone 1989
Half Man, Half Beard
FA. E.Stone 9.89.
The Amazing Bearded Lady
FA. P.Hawkins 10.89
1990 Rodney God and the Oral Twins
FA. E.Stone 1990. Named from some graffiti in Parisella's Cave.
Drip, Drip, Drip Direct
FA. P.Smith 1990
Wet Dreams
FA. N.Jowett 1990
Willowbrooks Direct
FA. P.Smith 1990
Homo Erectus
FA. E.Stone 1990
Ten Forty
FA. P.Smith 6.8.90
Karaoke Club
FA. P.Smith 18.8.90
1991 Body Torque Direct
FA. S.Mayers 6.6.1991
Ace of Wands
FA. P.Smith 6.91
Hot Sexy Phone Talk
FA. S.Cundy 9.1991
The Happening Boys
FA. P.Smith 1991
Blue Steel
FA. P.Smith 26.6.91
Blackwall Tunnel
FA. A.Burnell 20.7.91
Lemon Entry
FA. K.Jones 31.7.91
1992 Split Infinity
FA. M.Moore 19.1.92
FA. P.Smith >1992
Rock Lobster
FA. Unknown. It was Ed Stone's project but he died in October 1992 before he was able to complete it.
Pumped in Pumps
FA. A.Pollitt 2.9.92 (solo in trainers).
Go with the Flow
FA. F.Crook, S.Alsop, R.Pickford 9.92
1993 Excursion Direct
FA. T.Shelmerdine, A.Barnett 3.2.1993
Split Infinity Direct
FA. E.Thomas 1993
1994 Harry the Clamp
FA. M.Griffiths 1994
Cage Full of Budgies
FA. T.Schelmerdine 1994
George Formby
FA. T.Shelmerdine 1994
The Lull
FA. P.Smith 1994
Washington Waltz
FA. Unknown 1994
Sonic Sinbad
FA. T.Schelmerdine 1994
Frontiers of Reality
FA. S.Davies 12.9.94
The Smithsonian Institute of Projects
FA. T.Taylor 9.94
Iron in My Soul
FA. M.Griffiths 9.94. The start was climbed, without bolts, as Sourdough Direct by G.Gibson in 1983.
Big is Best
FA. T.Shelmerdine 9.94. Apparently this is the wrong name but no one has come up with an alternative yet so it stays.
Fools Gold
FA. E.Thomas 9.94
1995 Just for Kicks
FA. E.Thomas 5.95
Perpetual Motions
FA. E.Thomas 5.95
Brewing Up with Phil Smith
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
The Mask
FA. P.Smith 1995
The Damage Religion
FA. M.Jones 1995
Werry's Woof Woot Left-Hand
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Harry's Zontal Band
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
The Man Dan J
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Shadows and Light
FA. M.Jones 6.95
Julio Juvenito
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Farewell to Charlton Chestwig
FA. M.Griffiths, M.Jones, T.Shelmerdine 15.6.95. They continued to the top of Masterclass but this makes it a bit long for most ropes.
The Lyon King
FA. M.Griffiths 5.1995
FA. P.Holland 1995
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Years of Abuse
FA. K.Smith 1995
You've Had Your Chips
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Belay Bunny Bounces Back
FA. L.Smith 1995
Clutching at Squaws
FA. T.Taylor, M.Griffiths 12.95 Start climbed before as part of the banned Another Dead Christmas Tree.
1996 Goldeneye
FA. P.Hawkins 7.1996
Stake Out
FA. D.Lyon 1996
Counting Crows
FA. D.Hawkins 1996
1998 Ivor Bigum
FA. T.Schelmerdine 1998
1999 Utter from the Gutter
FA. K.Clemmow 1999
2003 Corinthian Groove
FA. M.Katz 2003
2007 Iron Man
FA. P.Hawkins, C.Wild 17.7.2007
2009 Master Plan
FA. C.Doyle 13.5.2009
2012 Badger, Badger, Badger
FA. A.Smith 7.2012
2013 Blood Lust
FA. C.Doyle 26.4.2013
Contusion - Mayfair Link
FA. T.Schelmerdine 2013
Swift Gundercut
FA. L.Roberts 2013
Homo Sexual
FA. I.Morgan 2013
Cold Blood
FA. C.Doyle 25.7.2013
Bad Blood
FA. A.Smith 28.9.2013