List of First Ascents

1982 The Water Margin
FA. N.Clacher, K.Simpson 22.7.82.
1983 Twisting by the Pool
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 3.7.1983
Jacuzzi Jive
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 21.7.1983
The Cynical Pinnacle
FA. P.Williams, I.Sayers 11.10.83
Goodbye Mickey Mouse
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 30.10.1983
Tokoloshe Man
FA. P.Williams, I.Sayers 22.10.83
1984 New Moon on Monday
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 9.6.84. The first route done on LPT in 1984, just before things started to get really busy.
FA. A.Pollitt, M.Atkinson 15.6.1984
Face Race
FA. S.Lewis, M.Pretty 16.6.1984
Mean Mother
FA. S.Lewis, M.Pretty 21.6.1984
Statement of Youth
FA. B.Moon 25.6.1984.
La Boheme
FA. A.Pollitt 28.6.1984
The Pink Pinkie Snuffs It
FA. D.Staniforth, R.Curley 25.8.1984. Re-bolted and direct by D.Lyon 1990.
Under the Boardwalk
FA. M.Atkinson, A Pollitt 28.8.1984
FA. S.Lewis 19.9.1984
Night Glue
FA. A.Pollitt 21.9.1984
Skin Deep
FA. G.Gibson 23.9.1984
Voodoo Child
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Williams, M.Atkinson 2.10.1984
Wall of Voodoo
FA. A.Pollitt 4.10.1984
1985 Beauty is Only
FA. G.Gibson, M.Jones 21.2.1985
Skin Game
FA. G.Gibson (solo) 17.3.1985
1986 Café Libre
FA. A.Pollitt 2.7.1986
Zawn Creature
FA. G.Smith, D.Summerfield 7.86
FA. G.Smith, P.Hawkins 7.86
Riders in the Chariot
FA. G.Smith, D.Summerfield 7.86
1987 Down by the Sea
FA. D.Lyon 5.1987
1988 The Refrain
FA. D.Lyon 1988
On a Blanket with My Baby
FA. D.Lyon, P.Freeman 1988
That's Where I'll Be
FA. D.Lyon 1988
Mussel Beach
FA. M.Pretty 9.7.1988
Over the Moon
FA. A.Pollitt 30.6.1988
1988 Mr. Stormalong
FA. N.Clacher 26.7.1988
I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy
FA. M.Pretty 19.8.1988
1989 Wild Understatement
FA. G.Smith 9.1989
A Fair Sized Fish
FA. G.Smith 1989
1990 Choss
FA. A.Burnell 1990
Mad O'Rourke's Kipper House
FA. D.Lyon 4.1990
La Boheme Direct
FA. P.Hawkins 1990
Life's a Beach
FA. D.Lyon 1990
Bosch Bastards
FA. R.Rust 1990
Kaffe Fasset
FA. C.Tickell 1990
FA. G.Smith 9.1990
Battle of the Little Big Orme
FA. C.Plant 1990
Liquid Ambar
FA. J.Moffatt 6.1990
1991 Waiting for the Spaceship
FA. K.Robertson 6.91
FA. S. Mayers 7.1991
FA. P.Freeman 10.7.1991
1992 Melancholie
FA. A.Wainwright 8.1992
1993 Sea of Tranquillity
FA. B.Moon 1993
1994 Over the Moon Direct
FA. A.Hoffman 1994
1995 She's a Beach
FA. D.Lyon 1995
Golden Pond
FA. D.Lyon 1995
Dolphin Therapy
FA. P.Hawkins 1995
Pas de Deux
FA. N.Carson 7.1995
The Walking Mussel
FA. N.Carson 6.1995
FA. N.Carson 1995
1996 Passengers
FA. D.Lyon, C.Stephenson 1996
FA. T.Schelmadine 1996
The Big Bang
FA. N.Carson 1996
2009 Moonwalk
FA. T.Chamings 22.8.2009
2011 Megalopa
FA. N.Dyer 2011