List of First Ascents

1983 Big Kazoo
FA. M.Crook, A.Newton 8.10.83. An interesting choice of first route on the buttress considering the easier and more obvious lines available.
1986 Turn the Turtles, Turn
FA. M.Raine 26.3.86
Turtle On Sight
FA. M.Raine, S.Quinton, G.Smith 26.3.86
FA. G.Smith 26.3.86
Turtle, Ring Your Mother
FA. G.Smith, M.Raine, S.Quinton 26.3.86
The Turtle Run
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 9.5.86
1987 Tits and Top-ropes
FA. S.Davies, P.Freeman 6.87
1989 Next Time Nick
FA. R.Wigley 21.10.89
Strictly No OAPs
FA. R.Wigley 21.10.89
Don't Mention the War
FA. P.Leavers 30.10.89
1995 Blood Red Skies
FA. M.Jones 1995
Big Mac
FA. D.Summerfield, D.Lyon 8.95
French Fries
FA. D.Summerfield, D.Lyon 8.95