List of First Ascents

1984 Rainbow Warrior
FA. N.Clacher, D.Lyon 5.84
Gibbering Wreck
FA. N.Clacher, D.Lyon 5.84
Clowns of God
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84. Direct by P.Smith 1992
The Reflex
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84. Extra bolts were added later.
Sweet Dreams
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84. Originally started as for The Reflex.
A Cry of Angels
FA. D.Lyon 5.84 (a roped solo).
Whispering Death
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher, C.Lyon 5.84
Touch the Dead
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84
1984 A Fine Time to Die
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84. One of 8 new routes climbed here on the same day by Dave Lyon and Norman Clacher.
Time Gentlemen Please
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84
Golden Goosed Creature
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 15.5.84
Sister of Mercy
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 6.7.84
If I Die in a Combat Zone
FA. C.Lyon, N.Clacher 7.7.84
1992 Laura
FA. P.Smith 25.5.92
Heaven's Gate
FA. K.Smith 1992
1995 Jehovah's Child
FA. M.Griffiths 1995