List of First Ascents

1983 Patience
FA. C.Dyke, E.Regnault, C.Darlington, J.Carpenter 1983
Central Passage
FA. Unknown 1983ish
FA. S.Williams, E.Regnault 23.7.83
1985 Jubliee Climb
FA. G.Gibson 2.2.85
Self Abuse
FA. D.Summerfield, D.Lyon 6.85
Mystic East
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 6.85
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield, C.Lyon 26.6.85
Follow You, Follow Me
FA. D.Summerfield, D.Lyon 7.85
The Fall Guy
FA. D.Summerfield, D.Lyon 7.85
FA. D.Lyon 8.85
The Brotherhood
FA. D.Lyon 8.85
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 8.85
1990 White Linen
FA. R.Wigley 1990
1992 Chain of Fools
FA. E.Thomas 6.92
Sonic the Hedgehog
FA. A.Roberts 6.92
The Bisto Kids
FA. S.Davies, H.Robinson 1992
Plankton Are People Too
FA. Z.Brown 1992
Eternal Friends
FA. D.Hughes 1992. Also claimed as Pigs on the Wing (S.Davies, M.Robinson 6.92)
Billy and the Hand Jive
FA. E.Thomas 21.6.92
Dogs of War
FA. S.Davies 21.6.92
Climb it Like a Billy Goat
FA. E.Thomas 21.6.92
FA. E.Thomas 7.92
Loose Woman
FA. A.Roberts, W.Roberts 8.92
1995 The Gang of Four Meets the Jellyfish Bore
FA. G.Smith, M.Griffiths 1995
Nexus 7
FA. M.Griffiths 1995