List of First Ascents

1963 Isis
FA. D.Rowlands 1963
Hell's Teeth
FA. A.White, R.Black, A.Mannery 9.1963
FA. R.White, G.Davis 10.1963
1968 Varina
FA. R.Heigh, W.Church 1968
1969 Eskimo Nell
FA. H.Evans, P.Deketeleare 16.2.1969
1971 Wessex Hangover
FA. A.Hall 1971
1974 Archangel
FA. S.Evans, R.Evans 5.5.1974
FA. Nigel Porter, Richard Crewe 4.8.1974
1976 Moonstone
FA. George Hounsome, Richard Crewe 13.11.1976
FA. Jim Titt, Scott Titt 21.11.1976
The God Slot
FA. Jim Titt, Scott Titt 5.12.1976
1984 Old Lag's Corner
FA. Frank Farrell, Gordon Jenkin 13.8.1984
1985 The Coral Prison
FA. Pete Oxley, D,Sharman 7.7.1985
1986 Arapiles Syndrome
FA. Pete Oxley, Nigel Coe 5.4.1986
Land of the Leaning
FA. Pete Oxley, Jon Biddle 7.6.1986
In a Big Sky
FA. Pete Oxley, Gordon Jenkin 8.6.1986
FA. Pete Oxley 8.8.1986
Jesus and Mary Chain
FA. Pete Oxley, Jon Biddle 29.9.1986
Atomic Road Hero
FA. Pete Oxley 14.12.1986
1987 World in Action
FA. Pete Oxley, Steve Williams 11.4.1987
1989 Peacemaker
FA. Pete Oxley 8.2.1989
1990 Theory of Everything
FA. Pete Oxley 23.3.1990
1997 Uncry These Tears
FA. Mike Robertson, Barry Clarke 2.5.1997
Mr Ruckle
FA. Mike Robertson, Brian Tilley 28.8.1997
2009 Fuel My Fire
FA Bob Hickish 3.6.2009. Bolted by Pete Oxley.