List of First Ascents

1972 Central Pillar
FA. R.Edwards, F.Harvey (some aid) 25.9.72. FFA. R.Fawcett 7.83.
1975 New Dimensions
FA. R.Edwards, N.Metcalf, T.Jepson (some aid) 11.10.75<br>FFA. R.Edwards 1976
1977 Appian Way
FA. R.Edwards, G.Perry 3.77
Fosse Way
FA. (1pt aid) R.Edwards, G.Perry 24.6.77. Freed as part of Plas Berw 29.8.79
Psychic Threshold
FA. (2pts aid) R.Edwards, P.Williams 3.8.77. Aid reduced to 1pt by J.Redhead, K.Robertson 15.8.79. FFA. K.Carrigan, D.Hall 5.81.
FA. R.Edwards, P.Williams 17.9.77
1979 Plas Berw
FA. J.Readhead, K.Robertson 29.8.79. They added pitch 3 on 2.10.79.
The Bittersweet Connection
FA. (1pt aid) J.Readhead, K.Robertson 6.9.79. They started up Central Pillar and moved right. FFA R.Fawcett 14.9.82. The described route, starting from the right, was climbed by D.Lyon in 1988.
1984 Blast Peru
FA. A.Pollitt 24.8.84
1984 Sidekick
FA M.Atkinson 26.8.84
Teenage Kicks
FA A.Pollitt 28.8.84. Climbed the same day as doing Bad Taste and then nipping across to Lower Pen Trwyn to make the first ascent of Under the Boardwalk with Martin Atkinson.
1986 Opal Moon
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 3.8.86
Telegraph Road
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 10.8.86
1987 Cruella Deville
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield, P.Freeman 1987
1988 The Long Goodbye
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 1988
Trade Winds
FA. P.Smith, P.Freeman 7.9.88
1996 Hidden Sign
FA. S.Lee, H.Lancashire 5.96
2000 Nouvelle Cuisine
FA. K.Smith 2000