List of First Ascents

1965 The Teal
FA. (aid) A.Davies, D.Thomas, D.Alcock 6.65. A good effort for the time since they only used 2 points of aid. FFA. A.Pollitt, T.Freeman 27.5.80
1975 Phalanges
FA. R.Shepton, D.Trollope 27.5.75
FA. R.Shepton, P.Dyer 29.5.75
1977 Aphasic
FA. A.Bailey, J.Frost 7.5.77
Josey Wales
FA. D.Lyon 15.5.77. Dave Lyon's first new route on the Ormes.
Elder Flower Wine
FA. A.Bailey, D.Randell 31.10.77
1983 Tips
FA. M.Crook, A.Newton 2.10.83
The Space Hunter
FA. M.Crook, S.Haston, A.Newton 3.12.83
Silent Voices
FA. M.Crook, A.Newton 3.12.83
1984 Alien Forces
FA. M.Crook, A.Newton 9.84
1985 Hom Day Wall
FA. D.Towse, M.Crook, J.Redhead 1.1.85. A powerful first ascent team for such an unspectacular route, but then it was New Year's Day.
Opus Pistorum
FA. M.Ryan, D.Staniforth 30.8.85
Watcher in the Woods
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 1.9.85
When the Lion Feeds
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 1.9.85
Wind and Wurrying
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 6.9.85
Life's a Joke
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 11.9.85
1987 The Torch
FA. D.Lyon, P.Freeman 1987
FA. D.Lyon, T.Taylor 8.87
1990 A Nude Place to Creep
FA. P.Wright 11.90