List of First Ascents

1972 Fugitive
FA. R.Edwards, C.Jones, A.Moulam 8.1.72
St. Tudno's Chimney
FA. R.Edwards, C.Jones, A.Moulam 14.1.72
FA. (1pt) R.Edwards, M.Martin, B.Molyneux 10.3.72
Freudian Slip
FA. (1pt)R.Edwards, M.Martin, B.Molyneux 10.3.72
FA. R.Edwards, M.Martin 4.4.72
1977 Gritstone Gorilla
FA. P.Williams, R.Edwards 20.9.77
Limestone Lemur
FA. R.Edwards, P.Williams, P.Roberts 8.10.77
1978 Paws
FA. R.Edwards 14.2.78
1979 Pile Driver
FA. P.Williams, H.Walton 1979
1980 The Corner
FA. P.Leavers 1980
The Ramp
FA. P.Leavers 1980
The Groove
FA. P.Leavers 1980
Chimney Crack
FA. P.Leavers 1980
1981 Goliath
FA. R.Edwards 1981
1982 Puerto Rican Harlem
FA. A.Pollitt, P.Baily 10.6.82. Probably follows the same line as an old aid route called 'A Kick in the Head'.
Tales of Future Past
FA. M.Leach 1982
Fool's Paradise
FA. T.Hodgeson, N.Clacher 27.6.82
Rest and be Thankful
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 23.8.82
1983 Noggin the Nog
FA. N.Shepherd, M.Barnicott 1983
1984 And All Hell Broke Loose
FA. D.Lyon 17.4.84 (roped solo)
1985 Human Erosion
FA. R.Wood, T.Walker 17.4.85
Ankle Attack
FA. K.Simpson 17.8.85
Julie's Jump
FA. K.Simpson, S.Trott 13.10.85
1986 Thank you Johnny
FA. K.Simpson, S.Chesslet, S.Winstanley, N.Clacher, P.Bailey 27.4.86
Speed Livin'
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 13.7.86
Red October
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 13.7.86
Invisible Touch
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 3.8.86
Man on the Run
FA. D.Lyon, D.Summerfield 3.8.86
The Paranoid Schizoid
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 7.9.86
1987 Gritsone Gorilla Direct
FA. D.Lyon, P.Freeman 1987
For Girls who Grow Plump in the Night
FA. D.Lyon, N.Clacher 8.87
Freudian Slip Direct
FA. D.Lyon, P.Freeman 8.87
1988 The Strange Man
FA. P.Smith 11.4.88
1995 Life in the Slow Lane
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Trail of Tears
FA. M.Griffiths 1995