List of First Ascents

1969 Kitties Groove
FA. R.Edwards, C.Philips 6.4.69
Gillies Groove
FA. R.Edwards, C.Philips 4.69. Rowland Edwards's first new route in the area.
FA. R.Edwards, C.Philips 20.4.69
The Bender
FA. (1pt) C.Philips, L.Brown 4.10.69. Aid point eliminated by M.Lydon, D.Towse in 1982, but they didn't complete the pitch. FFA. S.Haston, P.Williams 1982
1971 Rapunzel
FA. R.Edwards, T.Claire, P.Kershaw 22.2.71
FA. R.Edwards, J.Connor 3.71
Auk's Route
FA. R.Edwards, K.Toms 2.4.71
1972 Easy Rider
FA. R.Shepton. J.Innes 17.5.72
1987 Red Herring
FA. D.Lyon (roped solo) 6.2.87
1991 Shagged Out
FA. E.Stone 9.91
Everything but the Gull
FA. M.Tompkins. 9.91
1995 Stone Child
FA. M.Griffiths 1995
Great Auk in the Sky
FA. M.Griffiths, N.Clacher, T.Taylor 1995