List of First Ascents

1970 The Entry Traverse
FA. R.Edwards, R.Harris 24.4.70
FA. R.Edwards, R.Harris 24.4.70. They originally finished leftwards along the huge overlap. The right-hand finish was climbed the same day.
1971 Quietus
FA. R.Edwards, K.Toms 4.4.71
FA. R.Edwards, K.Toms 4.71
1974 The Glass Wall
FA. R.Edwards, I.Pomfrett 24.8.74
1980 Father John
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 17.7.80
1981 Old Sam
FA. C.Lyon, D.Lyon 13.6.81
Tunnel of Love
FA. C.Lyon, A.Moore 24.9.81
1983 Hot Space
FA. D.Lyon, C.Lyon 10.7.83
1986 Ride Across the River
FA. D.Lyon (solo) 17.8.86