List of First Ascents

1967 Aquascrotum II
FA. R.Snell, I.Howell 12.2.1967
FA. Richard Crewe, J.Yaldren 6.8.1967,FFA. Falco Rech, Howard Lancashire 1975
1968 Sue's Route
FA. W.Church, R.Houston 1968
1969 The Conger
FA. Richard Crewe 7.9.1969. FFA. Frank Farrell 9.1979
1970 Aubergine
FA. R.Kent, Kenny Winkworth, P.Charman, Richard Crewe 1.3.1970
1976 Paternoster
FA. Martin Barnicott, R.Henderson 30.5.1976
1978 The Ritz
FA. Nick Buckley, Kevin Turner 11.1978
1979 Quo Vadis Direct
FA. Chris King, Pat Littlejohn 1.3.1979
Freeborn Man
FA. Nick Buckley, Kevin Turner 8.1979,FA. (Borg) Pete Oxley (solo) 19.3.1999,FA. (Direct )Mike Ford (solo) 1990s
The Rise and Dear Demise of the Funky Nomadic Tribes
FA. Kevin Turner, Frank Farrell 27.8.1979
The Friendly Ranger of Durlston Castle
FA. Kevin Turner, Frank Farrell 27.8.1979
FA. Kevin Turner, Nick Buckley 9.1979
A Bridge Too Far
FA. Nick Buckley (solo) 9.1979
Halcyon Days
FA. Gordon Jenkin, Frank Farrell 9.1979
1980 Limited Edition
FA. Gordon Jenkin, Frank Farrell 17.5.1980
D Sharp
FA. George Hounsome, T.Daniells 1980
1984 Armed Insurgence
FA. G.Stace, S.Cook 15.4.1984
Rough Boys
FA. Nigel Coe, Frank Farrell 4.8.1984
1985 Troubled Waters
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 15.7.85
1986 Test Department
FA. Pete Oxley 10.7.1986
Sting in the Tail
FA. Crispin Waddy, Pete Oxley 11.7.1986
Damage Case
FA. Pete Oxley 11.7.1986
FA. Pete Oxley 11.7.1986
The Friendly Landlord of Durlston Castle
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 6.9.1986
Rufty Tufty
FA. J.Preston, Jon Biddle 7.9.86. Once a gem of a route but now much harder than when it was first done after a rock fall removed the start.
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 8.9.1986
Donald, Where's Your Trousers
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 8.9.1986
On the Third Day
FA. Crispin Waddy, Toby Foord Kelsey 8.9.86
Rufty Tufty Vivisects His Mummy
FA. Crispin Waddy 8.9.86 (solo). Reclimbed by Pete Oxley, Dave Pickford 23.6.99
Whack your Porcupine
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 8.9.1986
Ruurd Ruum
FA. Crispin Waddy, Toby Foord Kelsey 8.9.1986
Tempting Truancy
FA. Crispin Waddy, P.Windall, Toby Foord-Kelsey 9.9.1986
1987 All Quiet on the Southern Front
FA. Pete Oxley 20.6.1987
Swordfish Trombones
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 27.9.1987
Cave Rave
FA. Pete Oxley 14.11.1987
Mental as Anything
FA. Pete Oxley 22.12.1987
1988 Rock Around the Block Direct
FA. Pete Oxley 15.2.1988
Paparazzi News
FA. Pete Oxley 17.2.1988
FA. Pete Oxley 3.4.1988
Girl from the Snow Country
FA. Pete Oxley 3.4.1988
The Mind Cathedral
FA. Pete Oxley 21.5.1988
Bad Young Brother
FA. Pete Oxley 28.5.1988
The Beautiful and the Damned
FA. Pete Oxley 12.6.1988. Reclimbed after a rockfall by Dave Pickford
Moving Away from Rufty Tufty
FA. Crispin Waddy 1988 (solo)
The Musharagi Tree
FA. Jon Biddle, John Williams 1.8.1988
1989 Furious Pig
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 3.1989
The Great Shark Hunt
FA. Crispin Waddy 3.1989
The Wey of All Men
FA. Dave Thomas, Crispin Waddy 25.3.1989
Bon Firé
FA. Crispin Waddy, Dave Thomas 4.1989
Hallucinating Freely
FA. Pete Oxley 29.8.89
End of the Innocence
FA. Pete Oxley 29.8.89
1990 and Captain Blood's Cavern
FA. Joff Cook (solo) 8.8.1990. FA. (Variation) Andy Lamont 29.8.2011
FA. Jon Biddle (solo) 8.1990
Snap, Crackle and Plop
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 11.9.1990
1991 Palace of the Brine
FA. Pete Oxley 21.9.1991
1993 Temple Redneck
FA. Pete Oxley 22.2.1993
Drunken Butterfly
FA. Pete Oxley 25.3.1993
FA. Joff Cook (solo) 4.6.1993
Impending Gleam
FA. Nick Buckley 1993
Leap of Faith
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 6.1993
FA. Damian Cook 6.1993
Crime Wave
FA. Damian Cook (solo) 6.1993
1994 Davey Jones' Lock-off
FA. Crispin Waddy (solo) 8.1994. FA. (Variation) Andy Lamont 13.8.2011
1996 Herman Borg's Basic Pulley Slippage
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 1996. Originally with a bolt by Pete Oxley in 1993.
Ten Thousand Spoons
FA. Mike Robertson, Barry Clarke, Mark Williams 3.8.1996
FA. Barry Clarke, Mike Robertson, D.Gilbert 3.8.1996
Gorillas in the Mist
FA. Mike Robertson, Mark Williams 16.8.1996
The Slant
FA. Mike Robertson, Barry Clarke 17.8.1996
Into You (Like a Train)
FA. Mike Robertson 3.9.1996
Amazon Emancipation
FA. Martin Crocker 15.9.1996
The Talisman
FA. Mike Robertson, James Dunlop 5.10.1996
FA. Martin Crocker 12.10.1996. As an E5 6b trad route with a different start. Line described above soloed by Pete Oxley 23.5.1998
1997 Slow Road to Ruin
FA. Mike Robertson 11.7.1997
In Too Deep
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 8.1997
Terminal One
FA. Mike Robertson 6.10.1997
1998 For Whom the Swell Tolls
FA. Pete Oxley 23.5.1998.
The Caretaker
FA. Mike Robertson 6.1998
1999 Freeborn Borg
FSA. Pete Oxley (solo) 19.3.99
The Drowning Pool
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 27.3.1999
FA. Pete Oxley, James Dunlop 3.5.1999
La Quebrada
FA. Pete Oxley, James Dunlop 3.5.1999
A Taste for Danger
FA. Pete Oxley, Brian Tilley 20.5.1999
Where the Land Meets the Sea
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 21.6.99
Break Like a Wave
FA. Pete Oxley, Dave Pickford 23.6.99
Feeding Neptune
FA. Pete Oxley (solo) 24.7.1999
Charmed Life
FA. Pete Oxley 3.8.1999
Mile High Club
FA. Pete Oxley, Brian Tilley 16.12.1999
2001 The Vanishing
FA. Mike Robertson (solo) 16.8.2001
2002 Barry's Route
FA. Barry Clarke 2002
The Appearing
FA. (both) Adam Wainwright (solo) 31.8.2002
Red Bully
FSA. Adam Wainwright 31.8.02
2005 Haka Peruperu
FA. Pete Oxley 12.6.2005
FA. Pete Oxley 2.10.2005
2008 When Land Becomes Sea
FA. Marti Hallett, Trev Ford 9.10.2008
2010 Double 'ard Bastard
FA. Marti Hallett, Mick Ward 28.6.2010
FAGI Code 65
FA. Marti Hallett, Sue Hazel 11.7.2010
FA. Chris Weedon 5.9.2010
Just as 'ard
FA. Chris Weedon 5.9.2010
Slide Show
FA. Chris Weedon 11.9.2010
New Dawn
FA. Chris Weedon 11.9.2010
2011 Stress Fracture
FA. Matt Perks, Andy Lamont 24.4.2011