List of First Ascents

1963 Mañana
FA. J.S.Cleare, A.G.Smythe (1pt) 5.5.1963
1966 Ledgend
FA. D.Burgess, J.Allen, R.Colledge 11.4.1966
FA. D.Hadlum, G.Smith, P.Grainger, J.Midgley, A.Webster 11.4.1966
1967 Ledgend Direct
FA. P.Neame, A.Monnery 12.2.1967
Batt Crack
FA. D.Hadlum, G.Reynolds 25.3.1967
FA. R.Wood, B.Metcalfe 26.3.1967
FA. A.Webster, D.Hadlum 27.3.1967
Valkyrie Buttress Direct
FA. R.White, B.Wood 21.5.1967
1972 Sapphire
FA. George Smith, Kenny Winkworth 3.4.1972
Yellow Wall
FA. Richard Crewe, A.Wilde, P.Crewe 3.4.1972
FA. Pat Littlejohn, K.Goodman 5.8.1972
1973 August Angie
FA. Brian Snell, M.Colson. FFA. Richard Crewe 28.10.1973
Tensor II
FA. Brian Snell, W.Lyons 8.12.1973
1974 The Spook
FA. Richard Crewe, P.Sharman 31.3.1974
The Heat
FA. Brian Snell, W.Lyons 7.4.1974. FFA. George Hounsome, G.De Lacy
Tudor Rose
FA. Richard Crewe, P.Charman 5.5.1974
1976 Warlord
FAA. Brian Snell, Keith Knight 21.2.1976,FFA. Steve Monks, Steve Findlay 28.11.1981
Mistaken Identity
FA. Pete Finklaire, B.Etheridge 1976
1979 Caiaphas
FA. George Hounsome, Scott Titt 22.9.1979
1982 Vampire Direct
FA. Tim Dunsby, Nigel Coe 27.6.1982 Direct S.Lewis,J.Bentley 1982
Race for the Oasis
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 27.11.1982
1983 Facedancin'
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 8.1.1983
FA. Martin Crocker, Jim Robertson 21.8.1983
Fly Crazy But Free
FA. Martin Crocker, D.Light 26.9.1983
P.Jarvis, Chris Flewitt 6.12.1983
1986 Graffiti Bombers of New York City
FA. Pete Oxley, Richard Newey 20.12.1986
1987 Funeral Pyre
FA. Pete Oxley, Steve Williams 6.5.1987
Friends from the Deep
FA. Tim Dunsby, Nigel Coe 6.5.1987
Helen's Return
FA. D.Coley 5.1987
Toiler on the Sea
FA. Pete Oxley, G.Anstey 6.6.1987
The Big Heat
FA. Pete Oxley, J.Williams 6.6.1987
Younger Days
FA. Matt Saunders 6.6.1987
Exit Chimney Two - The Sequel
FA. Pete Oxley, J.Williams 5.12.1987
1988 Dougal the Great
FA. Pete Oxley, Jon Biddle 12.2.1988. Formerly an A3 aid route.
1990 Necromancy
FA. Pete Oxley 11.8.1990
1994 Sons of Pioneers
FA. Martin Crocker, Nigel Coe 28.8.1994
Deaf Mosaic
FA. Martin Crocker, Nigel Coe 28.8.1994
True Identity
FA. Pete Finclaire, N.Withers 9.10.1994
1997 Yellow Belly Wall
FA. Martin Crocker, Nigel Coe 5.4.1997
2011 Outside The Wire
FA. Marti Hallett, Steve Taylor, Mick Cooke 6.3.2011
No Mistaking
FA. Marti Hallett, Sam Ferguson 15.3.2011