List of First Ascents

1987 Pickpocket
FA. Tim Dunsby 5.4.1987
Dungeons and Dragons
FA. Pete Oxley 27.9.1987
Mark of the Beast
FA. Pete Oxley 23.10.1987
Lulworth Arms Treaty
FA. Pete Oxley 23.10.1987
Grimly Fiendish
FA. Pete Oxley 23.10.1987
1988 Anarchy Stampede
FA. Jon Biddle 6.9.1988 (solo)
Blow Daddy-O
FA. Clarke Alston 20.11.1988
Wall of Feedback
FA. Pete Oxley 13.12.1988
House Nation
FA. Pete Oxley 13.12.1988
Jugmaster Funk Meets M.C. Lane
FA. Pete Oxley 13.12.1988
Looking Through the Infinity Window
FA. Pete Oxley 23.12.1988
1989 Sardine Liberation Front
FSA. Andy Donson 2.7.1989
1990 The Maypole
FA. Jon Williams 23.5.1990 (solo)
Burning Arms
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
1991 Truth, Justice and the Raggamuffin Way
FA. Jon Biddle 20.7.1991 (solo)
Last Season's Loozas
FSA. Cook Brothers 21.7.91
Captain Bastard Got There First
FA. Joff Cook 21.7.1991 (solo)
Hurbot the Turbot
FA. Jon Biddle 22.7.1991 (solo)
1992 Burn Hollywood Burn
FA. Pete Oxley 10.5.1992
FA. Pete Oxley 5.1992
Horny Lil' Devil
FA. Pete Oxley 19.5.1992
FA. Pete Oxley 20.5.1992
Sliding Down the Banister
FA. Pete Oxley 23.5.1992 (solo)
Animal Magnetism
FA. Pete Oxley 4.6.1992
Gates of Greyskull
FA. Pete Oxley 4.6.1992
Never Kneel to Skeletor
FA. Pete Oxley 5.9.1992
Unleash the Veins
FA. Pete Oxley 16.10.1992
They Call Me Tall Man
FA. Joff Cook 13.12.1992
Riding to Babylon
FA. Pete Oxley 22.12.1992
The Roof Predator
FA. Pete Oxley 28.12.1992.
Beast Club
FA. Pete Oxley 28.12.1992
1993 Arcwelder
FA. Pete Oxley 25.4.1993
The Laws Traverse
FA. Pete Oxley and a team of locals 29.5.1993 (solo)
The Walkin' Dude
FA. Mike Robertson 26.6.1993 (solo)
Turn It On
FA. Steve Taylor 3.7.1993
The Debt Collector
FA. Mike Robertson 10.7.1993
Lost Souls
FA. Mike Robertson 5.12.1993
1994 Beers, Steers and Queers
FA. Steve Taylor 19.2.1994
Beavis and Butthead
FA. Mike Robertson 19.2.1994
Closing Time
FA. Steve Taylor 27.3.1994
Morris the Carnivore
FA. Mike Robertson 24.4.1994
Route 66
FSA. Mike Robertson 30.7.1994
1995 Crazy Notion
FA. Mike Robertson 1990s (solo)
The Honorary Society of Self-Publicising Water Rats
FA. Damian Cook 1990s (solo)
I Love Eszter
FA. Damian Cook 1990s (solo)
Window of Opportunity
FA. Mike Robertson 1990s (solo)
Hornier Than Thou
FA. Joff Cook 1990s (solo)
Freed from Desire
FA. Jim Kimber, Pete Oxley 1990s
Lord of Darkness
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
The Lemon Express
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
Breathe the Pressure
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
A Storm in Heaven
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
Monolith Monsters
FA. Damian Cook 1990s
Shining Path
FA. Dominic Cook 1990s
Rigor Mortise
FA. Pete Oxley, Jon Biddle 1990s
Weld's Mother
FA. Damian Cook 1990s
Bad to the Bone
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
1995 Il Pirata
FA. Pete Oxley 1990s
Laws Direct Start
FSA. Mike Robertson 5.7.1995
FSA. Joff Cook 1.8.1995
FSA. Mike Robertson 1.8.1995
Lower than Whale Shit
FSA. Damian Cook, Gideon Fitch 8.1995
El Guapo
FSA. Joff Cook 19.9.1995
1998 El Diablo Suelto
FSA. Dave Pickford 8.1998
2000 Stage Fright
FA. Pete Oxley 2000s
Centre Stage
FA. Pete Oxley 2000s
Magnetic Gates
FA. Damian Cook 7.2000
Hairy Clamber
FA. Damian Cook 7.2000 (solo)
The Beast of Lulworth
FA. Pete Oxley 29.7.2000
2001 Let Ya Bones Hang
FA. Pete Oxley, Rob Godfray 18.2.2001
Eye of the Storm
FA. Pete Oxley 25.2.2001
Language of Nature
FA. Pete Oxley 25.2.2001
FA. Pete Oxley 4.2001
FA. Joff Cook Summer 2001 (solo)
2002 Journey to Eternia
FA. Pete Oxley Summer 2002
2003 Thieving Gypsy
FSA. Gavin Symonds 13.8.03
Thieving Gypsy
FA. Gavin Symonds 13.8.2003 (solo)
Old Timer's Club
FSA. Mike Robertson 8.2003
Pump up the Beast
FA. Rob Sutton 16.8.2003 (solo)
2004 Despicable Terrier
FA. Mark Williams 7.2004 (solo)
2005 Granny Lifts Car
FA. Pete Oxley, Andy Bell 23.1.2005
Ramases Cubed
FA. Pete Oxley 23.1.2005
Dry Your Eyes Mate
FA. Dan Knight 22.4.2005
Trashy's Arete
FA. Mike Robertson 7.9.2005 (solo)
Jay Kay
FA. Rob Kennard, Scott Titt 5.11.2005
2006 Hyperbole
FA. Rob Kennard, Alex More 13.5.2006
Extraordinary Rendition
FA. Rob Kennard, Alex More 13.5.2006
Pussy Galore
FA. Rob Kennard, Alex More 13.6.2006
Imp of the Perverse
FA. Gavin Symonds 6.2006 (solo)
Carbon Footprint
FA. Rob Kennard, James Dunlop, Jon Howell 17.6.2006
Bolt Free
FA. Steve Taylor, Mark Williams 17.6.2006
Too Driven
FA. Ben Stokes 17.6.2006 (solo)
FA. Rob Kennard, James Dunlop 24.6.2006
MC Hammer
FA. Rob Kennard, James Dunlop 24.6.2006
4 Years, 5 Months and 15 Days and Still Missing You
FA. Marti Hallett, Alex More, Rob Kennard 30.6.2006
FA. Rob Kennard, Marti Hallett, Alex More 30.6.2006
Stalinist Regime
FA. Steve Taylor, Dave Simmonite 23.7.2006
Southern Stutter
FA. Dave Simmonite, Steve Taylor 23.7.2006
The Poet and the Thief
FA. Alex More, Rob Kennard 24.7.2006
Jurrasic Coast Pimps
FA. Ben Stokes, Mark Williams 17.8.2006
The Gift
FA. Steve Taylor, Scott Titt 5.11.2006
2007 Skillfish
FA. Jon Biddle 1.9.2007 (solo)
Blow Me!
FA. Marti Hallett 5.9.2007
FA. Gavin Symonds 5.9.2007
2008 Mankini Biscuit
FA. Rob Kennard, Steve Taylor 27.9.2008
Mansion Pond
FA. Rob Kennard, Steve Taylor 27.9.2008
Fear of Litigation
FA. Steve Taylor, Rob Kennard 27.9.2008
2009 Skullthugery
FA. Bob Hickish 28.6.2009 (solo)
The Brotherhood
FA. Liam Cook 8.2009 (solo)
2010 Magnetic Skulls
FA. Bob Hickish 19.6.2010 (solo)
Never Kneel to an Eternity of Mediocracy
FA. Bob Hickish 4.9.2010 (solo)
The Beast Goes East
FA. Bob Hickish 4.9.2010
Taming the Beast
FA. Bob Hickish 4.9.2010
2011 Shoes for my Friends
FA. Alex More 21.4.2011