List of First Ascents

1994 Road Rage
FA. Pete Oxley 18.7.1994
Rocket from the Crypt
FA. Pete Oxley 22.7.1994
FA. Pete Oxley 22.7.1994
The Pigskin Bus Pulls Into Tuna Town
FA. Pete Oxley 22.7.1994
FA. Pete Oxley 28.8.1994
Drowning on Dry Land
FA. Mike Robertson 9.1994
1995 Found Under Carnal Knowledge
FA. Mike Robertson 1995
FA. Guy Dixon 17.9.1995
Yesterday's Dreams
FA. Mike Robertson 10.12.1995. Reclimbed by Pete Oxley 18.11.1996
1996 Illusions
FA. Joff Cook 30.4.1996
1997 Detonator
FA. Guy Dixon 1997
1998 Dutch Courage
FA. Marty Hallett 13.1.1998
1999 Dynomite
FA. Pete Oxley 24.4.1999
2008 Heartbeats
FA. Andy Long 31.1.2008
Van Life
FA. Gavin Symonds 31.1.2008
FA. Tom Beaumont 24.6.2008
2008 Pouch of Douglas
FA. Tom Beaumont 17.9.2008
Italian Eighth
FA. Tom Beaumont 17.10.2008
Threatening Speedos
FA. Tom Beaumont 17.10.2008
2009 Cruise Control
FA. Brian Wilkinson 25.3.2009
Air Kisses
FA. Mick Ward 12.12.2009
My Pashminas Got Caught in the Gri-gri
FA. Mick Ward 14.12.2009
East Side Story
FA. John Leonard 14.12.2009
Chill Dementia
FA. Adam Perrett 20.12.2009
2010 Sinister Dexter
FA. Adam Perrett 10.1.2010
Its a God Awful Small Affair
FA. Sarah Perrett 10.1.2010
Bring Me Sunshine
FA. John Leonard 23.1.2010
Leering Crack
FA. Mick Ward 30.1.2010
2011 No Turn Unstoned
FA. Rob Kennard 23.1.2011
Rememberance Sunday
FA. Rob Kennard 17.4.2011
Poisoned Bamboo
FA. Andy Lamont 18.12.2011