List of First Ascents

1976 Cream Team Special
FA. Ron Fawcett, Geoff Birtles, Al Evans 1976
1979 A Little Extra
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles, Ernie Marshall 1979
The Ministry of Silly Walks
FA. Geoff Birtles, Tom Proctor 1979
1980 Hubris
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1980. FA. John Hadfield 1957. A slightly different aided line was followed by Graham West and Harold Hughes also in 1957. Aid reduced to 1pt by Ron Fawcett, Geoff Birtles, Al Evans in 1976.
1981 Sardine
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981. This ascent signified the change of Raven Tor from an aid climbing crag to a free climbing crag. FA. Jeff Morgan, Bob Toogood 1969. It was extremely loose when first pegged.
Saline Drip
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
1982 Indecent Exposure
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1982. FA. Jeff Morgan, H.Mares (as the Prowler) 1970
The Prow
FA. Ron Fawcett, Gill Fawcett 1982 (over 3 days). Followed the line of some of the aid route 'The Prow Route' (Bob Dearman, J.Gerrard 1963 ) although not the start or middle section. Repeated in a single day by Jerry Moffatt. Claimed as the 'hardest route in the world' in High magazine.
Rooster Booster (P2)
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1982.<br>FA. (The Green Rooster) Ted Kingsnorth 2009
Rooster Booster
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1982. FA. (as The Cambridge Bolt Route) Rod Brown, Michael White 1964. Ello Ethique is a weird combination climbed by Jean Baptiste Tribout in 1985. It combined Weedkiller with a reverse of Rooster Booster and then most of Sardine - bizarre but impressive.
Obscene Gesture
FA. Dominic Lee 1982. One of the hardest around, named after the inverted mono move. Retro-bolted in 2009
1984 Body Machine
FA. Ron Fawcett 1984. FA. (Half Decent) Mark Pretty 2008
FFA. Jerry Moffatt 1984 A free version of The Prow Direct start. Soloed by visiting Frenchman Anthoine le Menestral in 1985!,FA. Bob Dearman, M.White 1965
FA. Tim Freeman 1984. Reclimbed by Steve Lewis in 1990 after he himself had spectacularly pulled a small but crucial block off it.
Another Toadside Attraction
FA. Steve Lewis 1984
Verbal Abuse
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1984 Still one of the hardest trad limestone routes in the Peak. It was almost climbed in 1982 by Dominic Lee.
1985 Koran Direct
FA. Nigel Slater 1985. FA. (Koran) Tom Proctor, D.Baker 1966.,FFA. (Koran) Pete O'Donovan, Chris Craggs 1982
Arabian Nights
FA. N.Slater 10.85
1986 Chimes of Freedom
FA. Andy Pollitt 1986. The initial roof had a huge block on it which made the route much easier. It was reclimbed by Ben Moon in 1990 after this had fallen off. FA. (Free and Easy) Chris Craggs, Colin Binks, Martin Veale 1982
Wild in Me
FA. Richard Davies 1986. Climbed as a bold E6 6c but it relied on chipped holds. Reclimbed by Mark Pretty in 1993 after these had been filled in.
Super High Intensity Body Building
FA. Steve Lewis, John MacKenzie 1986
1987 The Whore of Babylon
FA. Andy Pollitt (3pts) 1987. FAA. (as Brandenburg Gate) Brian Moore, Jim Ballard 1966.
Jive Turkey
FA. Mark Pretty 1987.<br>FA. (Let's Get Green) Ted Kingsnorth 2009
Bullet the Blue Sky
FA. Pete Oxley 1987
In Brine
FA. Steve Lewis 1987
Boot Boys
FA. Andy Pollitt 1987. Freed only 2 days after a sky-hook aided ascent had been made. Some of the holds were 'comfort-ised'.
Out of My Tree
FA. Andy Pollitt 1987. FA. (PP) Ron Fawcett, Geoff Birtles 1976
Pump up the Power
FA. Ben Moon 1987
1988 Ayatollah
FA. Pete Oxley, Brian Tilley 1988.
Mecca - The Mid-life Crisis
FA. Martin Atkinson 1988. The hardest route in the country at the time and completed the day before Martin moved to Switzerland.
Tin Of
FA. Steve Lewis 1988. This route straightened out several hybrids including a Fawcett variation on Sardine, and Bullet the Blue Sky.
The Toilet
FA. Steve Lewis 1988
Introducing the Hardline According to Terrance Trout
FA. Andy Pollitt, Adrian Hughes 1988. Formerly and aid route called Terrance Trout.
Sheikh, Rattle 'n Roll
FA. C.Hardy 31.8.88
1989 The Flushings
FA. Malcolm Taylor, Jon de Montjoye, Simon Nadin 1989.
Rattle and Hump
FA. Malcolm Taylor 1989
1990 Hubble
FA. Ben Moon 1990. A replica of the route was even built in a Sheffield cellar. Repeated only twice over the next 10 years.
FA. Ben Moon 1990
1992 Rage
FFA. Malcolm Taylor 1992. FA. (The Prow) Bob Dearman, J.Gerrard 1963.
1993 Jehovah Kill
FA. Jon Welford 1993
1993 Make It Funky
FA. Mark Pretty 1993. Originally known as Mega.
FA. Mark Pretty 1993
1994 Hot Flushes
FA. Mark Pretty 1994
Cream Tea Special
FA. Mark Pretty, Chris Wright 1994
1995 Evolution
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1995
FA. Malcolm Taylor 1995
1998 Mega Whore
FA. Steve McClure 1998. The route Whore of Babylon (FA. Andy Pollitt 1987 ) had 3 points of aid to by-pass what is now Hubble and reach the upper wall. FA. (as Brandenburg Gate) Brian Moore, Jim Ballard 1966.
Mecca Extension
FFA. Steve McClure 1998. It had been a long-standing project of Mark Leach's but, after working the top section, he was unable to repeat Mecca in order to attempt the link. FA. Graham West, Barry Roberts 1960. The original aided line is well to the left of the free line of Mecca although several lines were taken on the early aided attempts.
FA. Steve McClure 1998
Out of My Boots
FA. Steve McClure 1998
Mortal Kombat
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
Tomb Raider
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
Gran Tourismo
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
2003 Major Waddage
FA. Steve McClure 2003
Proud Whore
FA. Mark Pretty 2003 The top section was the line originally taken by Andy Pollit's 1987 route Whore of Babylon.
FA. Steve Dunning 2003
2004 Kaabah
FA. Steve McClure 2004
FA. Steve McClure 2004
Fowl Play
FA. Mark Pretty 2004
2005 Devolution
FA. Rupert Davies 2005
The Full Monty
FA. Mark Pretty 2005
2006 The Crucifixion
FA. Neil Foster 2006
Brazen Strumpet
FA. Mark Pretty 2006
2007 The Green Alternative
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
Rooster Crossing
FA. Steve McClure 2007
The Exterminator
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
The Missing Link
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
Body Builder
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
An In and Out of Body Experience
FA. Mark Pretty 2007
FA. Rupert Davies 2007
2008 Barely Decent
FA. Mark Pretty 2008
Half Decent
FA. Mark Pretty 2008
2009 The Green Rooster
FA. (The Green Rooster) Ted Kingsnorth 2009. The upper Section is on Rooster Booster (FA. Jerry Moffatt 1982).
FA. Steve McClure 2009
Chimes Alternative
FA. Jon Clark 2009
The Call of Nature
FA. Mark Pretty 2009
Obscene Toilet
FA. Mark Pretty 2009
Let's Get Green
FA. Ted Kingsnorth 2009. The upper section is Jive Turkey (FA. Mark Pretty 1987).
Little Boots
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2009
2011 Ring of Fire
FA. Kristian Clemmow 2011