List of First Ascents

1903 High Tor Gully
FA. J.W.Puttrell, William Smithard, A.M.Bennett 1903
1957 Skylight
FA. Joe Brown 1957. Climbed during a time when free climbing on limestone was rare.
1958 Original Route
FFA. Steve Read, Steve Hunt 1958. FA. (as Bastion Wall) Pete Hassell, Peter Biven and another 1953.
1961 Entropy
FA. Harry Smith, Hugh Banner 1961
The Girdle Traverse
FFA. Pete Livesey, Pete Gomersall 1976. FA. J.Allison, R.Mansfield 1961. The first aided ascent took 25 hours to complete.
Flaky Wall
FA. Doug Scott, Clive Davies 1961. The upper flake was much more friable making their ascent terrifying. The route was renamed every time someone removed one of the aid points. Ed Drummond called it Hook-Crook Wall (5 skyhooks) and Livesey renamed it Bulldog Wall (1 rest) in 1972. Ironically the FFA isn't known although it was renamed Flaky Wall anyway!
1963 Castellan
FA. Barry Webb, B.McKinnon 1963 (over two days),FFA. Steve Bancroft. John Allen 1976 (also over two days!)
1964 Sting Ray
FA. Doug Scott, Ray Gillies 1964
Hanging Block
FA. Doug Scott, Ray Gillies 1964
1965 Lay-by
FA. P.Thompson 1960s
FA. Doug Scott 1960s
FFA. Unknown. FAA. Doug Scott, Steve Read 1965
FFA. Unknown. FA. (Pitch 1 ) Chris Jackson, John Atkinson 1965,FA. (Full route) Jack Street, Ed Ward-Drummond (some aid) 1965.
1967 Searchlight
FA. P.Thompson, L.Farrar 1967. FFA. Ron Fawcett, Pete Gomersall 1976
FFA. Pete Livesey, John Sheard 1967. FA. Chris Jackson, John Atkinson (some aid) 1965
FA. Guy Lee, Bill Cheverst (1pt) 1967
1969 M1
FFA. Ed Ward-Drummond, Bruce Campbell-Kelly 1969,FA. Tom Proctor, Keith Myhill (1pt) 1968,FA. Doug Scott, Claud Davies (A1 ) 1961
1971 M.U.G.S. Route
FA. Tom Corker, C.Peter 1971
Wezzy Wonks
FA. T.M.Clarke, Tom Corker, C.Worth 1971
1974 Night Owl
FA. John Allen, Steve Bancroft 1974. A surprisingly minor route from this pair.
Robert Brown
FA. Arnis Strapcans, Jerry Frost 1974. Named in memory of a friend of the first ascensionists who died in a fall at Gogarth.
FFA. Pete Livesey in 1974. FAA. Oliver Woolcock, Clive Rowland, Paul Nunn 1963. The current bolt was placed by Chris Craggs, 25+ years ago.
1975 Cold Turkey
FA. Arnis Strapcans 1975
Nightmare of Brown Donkeys
FFA. Pete Livesey, Pete Gomersall 1975. FA. Charles David Yates, Steve Read 1974. FA. (Phrantic Finish) Ian Parsons, Ian Robb 1987
Lyme Cryme
FA. Steve Bancroft, Adey Hubbard 1975
1976 World's End
FA. Jim Moran, John Reagan 1976
China Spring
FA. Pete Livesey, Steve Foster 1976
FA. Clive Jones, Dave Gregory 1976
Lumb Lane
FA. Arnis Strapcans, Steve Marriott 1976
FFA. Pete Livesey, Jill Lawrence 1976. FA. Doug Scott, M.Terry 1968
FA. Ron Fawcett, Geoff Birtles, Al Evans 1976
1977 Laurin
FFA. Martin Berzins, Chris Hamper 1977. FA. Paul Nunn, Oliver Woolcock 1964
The Pillar
FFA. Jim Moran, Al Evans 1977. FA. Brian Moore, Bruce Andrew 1970.
FA. C.Cook, S.Berry 1977
1979 Shah Shah a Go Go
FA. Gary Gibson, Derek Beetlestone 1979
FA. Phil Burke 1979. Freed the upper part of the aid route Extender.
Tales of Yankee Power
FA. Phil Burke, Nadim Siddiqui, Al Evans 1979
FFA. Andy Brown, Jerry Peel 1979. The hard start had been freed by American Mike Graham in 1977, and, although he failed to flash the route, he renamed it 'Basteal'. FA. Brian Moore, D.Land 1963. Aid reduced to 1pt Pete Livesey, Jill Lawrence 1976.
1980 Tumbril
FA. Ed Cleasby, Rob Matheson 1980. Formerly an aid route.
FA. Arnis Strapcans, Gorden Jenkin 1980
1981 Yellow Brick Road
FA. John Codling, T.Saunders 1981
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
FA. Chris Jackson, D.Edwards, Bob Conway 1981
FA. John Codling, M.Manson 1981
Brompton's Cocktail
FA. Andy Grondowski, Mark Elwell 1981. The name refers to a medicine given to the terminally ill.
1982 Amber Gambler
FA. John Codling, Steve Allen, Nigel Riddington 1982
FA. John Codling, Steve Allen, Nigel Riddington 1982
FA. Steve Allen, John Codling, Nigel Riddington 1982
1983 Mad Max
FA. Dominic Lee, Daniel Lee 1983. The regrading of this route made it the first E7 in the Peak, predating Moffatt's Verbal Abuse on Raven Tor. The grade reflected the poor gear (ancient aid bolts) in the upper section. Cleaned again and climbed as described by Graham Hoey in 2004.
FA. John Codling, Steve Higham 1983
1983 Hot Gossip
FA. Steve Allen, John Codling, Jim Lockett 1983
Pillar Direct
FA. John Codling, T.Saunders 1983
1984 Sargasso Sea
FA. Chris Plant 1984
Still Searching
FA. Chris Plant 1984
Lower Buttress Route
FA. Chris Plant 1984. Previously an aid route.
1985 No Entry
FA. Gary Gibson, Tony Penning, Chris Court 1985
Once in a Millennium
FA. Gary Gibson, Geraldine Taylor 1985. Gary's 1000th new route.
The Grapevine
FA. Howard Lancashire, Ian Parsons 1985
The Unoriginal Route
FA. John Codling, Jim Lockett 1985
FA. Simon Nadin, Richard Davies 1985. Straightened out a route called Musical Women which was a hybrid on Decadence.
Black Wedding
FA. Seb Grieve 1985
FA. Simon Lee 1985. Bolted by Gary Gibson in 2010.
FA. Unknown but claimed later as Pride by Chris Plant in 1985.
FA. Chris Plant, Mark Pretty 1985
1986 V2
FA. Gary Gibson, Jim Lockett, John Codling 1986
Cathy Come Home
FA. Simon Lee, Phil Dickens 1986
Lee Way
FA. Simon Lee 1986
1987 Plight of the Rich
FA. Gary Gibson 1987
Light and Shade
FA. Gary Gibson 1987
The Phrantic Phinish
FA. Ian Parsons, Ian Robb 1987. The ascent was completed in the dark.
Ariadne's Thread
FA. Simon Lee 1987
The Passion Wagon
FA. Mark Pretty 1987
1988 High Torquing
FA. Malcom Taylor 1988
FA. Chris French, Ian Milne 1988
1992 New World Order
FA. Geoff Hornby, Suzi Sammut, Mark Turnbull, Simon Lee 1992
Wil E. Coyote
FA. Simon Lee, Geoff Hornby 1992
Statement of Yof
FA. Geoff Hornby, Suzi Sammut 1992. A free version of Yof.
Penelope Pitstop
FA. Geoff Hornby, Suzi Sammut, Simon Lee 1992
Pump out the Squealies
FA. Simon Lee, Geoff Hornby 1992
1994 My New Hat
FA. Malcolm Taylor, Alison Taylor 1994
2004 Party in the Park
FA. Neil Foster, Clare Reading, Howard Lancashire, Keefe Murphy 2004
2007 Squeezin' Out Sparks
FA. Jon Clark 2007. Nearly freed by Malc Taylor in 1986
FA. Jon Clark 2007. Nearly freed by Malc Taylor in 1992
2008 Sportlight
FA. Gary Gibson, Pete Clark 2008
Light and Shade Right-hand Start
FA. Jon Clark 2008
2010 Memories
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
That X Factor
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
All the Wubble u's
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
My Way
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
No Way
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
My Pedigree Chum
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
Saga Lout
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
Venus Eruptus
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
Dutch Moon
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
Beautiful White
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
If Dill Was Here
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
Lulu Belle
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
FA. Gary Gibson 2010
At the Edge of Everything
FA. Gary Gibson 2010