List of First Ascents

1984 Act Naturally
FA. C.Philips (solo) 19.6.1984
Looning the Tube
FA. C.Philips (roped solo) 19.6.1984
1986 Mad Dog of the West
FA. P.Hawkins, J.Elliot, R.Caves 19.4.1986
Goose Creature
FA. A.Swann 20.4.1986
Pruning the Tube
FA. N.Walton 26.4.1986
Digital Delectation
FA. L.Hardy, G.Parfitt 1.5.1986
'Those who climb clearly marked projects are the kind of people who would steal the chocolate bar from a kid's lunch box - selfish tossers - who owe the bolt fund cash'
FA. C.Parkin 2.8.1986. Equipped in 2008.
Gadaffi Duck
FA. R.Deane, P.Hawkins 5.8.1986
Turn of the Century
FA. P.Hawkins, G.Smith 12.8.1986
1990 Loony Toons
FA. S.Puroy, C.Fowler, E.Thomas 13.9.1990
1991 Brief Encounter
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, B.Llywellyn 20.4.1991
Just for Fun
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, C.Davies (both led) 21.4.1991
The Burning
FA. M.Turner, C.Stephenson 8.8.1991
1993 Mad on the Metro
FA. C.Davies, M.Wells 6.1993
2006 Sad Man Who's Sane
FA. M.Reeves, B.Wills 9.2006
FA. M.Reeves, B.Wills 9.2006
The Deceptive Dyke
FA. M.Reeves, L.Morris 9.2006
2007 Hyperfly
FA. P.Targett, I.Lloyd-Jones 23.8.2007
Cyber World Sl@te Heads
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, P.Targett, T.Hughes 27.8.2007
Orangutang Overhang
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, T.Hughes, P.Targett 28.8.2007
Maximum Tariff
FA. P.Targett. I.Lloyd-Jones. P.Walley 7.9.2007
Kinder Surprise
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, P.Targett 7.9.2007
Surprise Surprise
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones 11.9.2007
2007 Shorty's Dyno
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, P.Targett (both led) 13.9.2007
Sport 4 All
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones 2.10.2007
FA. J.Ball 13.10.2007
The Polar Express
FA. J.Ball 13.10.2007
'N' Gauge
FA. J.Ball 11.2007
The Mallard
FA. J.Ball 16.12.2007
Thomas the Tank
FA. A.Ball 16.12.2007
FA. A.Ball 16.12.2007
Rack and Pin
FA. J.Ball 16.12.2007
2008 Hogwarts Express
FA. J.Ball 27.1.2008
FA. J.Ball 27.1.2008
The Level Crossing
FA. J.Ball 27.1.2008
Side Line
FA. J.Ball 27.1.2008
Ivor the Engine
FA. J.Ball 27.1.2008
Choo Choo
FA. J.Ball 28.2.2008
Steps of Glory
FA. M.Chambers, C.Roots, I.Pagano (all led) 2.3.2008
In Loving Memory
FA. J.Ball 14.4.2008
FA. P.Targett, T.Hughes 27.8.2008
2009 Plastic Soldier
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, P.Targett, S.Beesley (all led) 15.4.2009
Ruby Marlee meets Dr Holingsworth
FA. C.Davies, I.Lloyd-Jones 16.6.2009
Clash of the Titans
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, C.Davies (both led) 16.6.2009
The Skyline Club
FA. C.Davies, P.Targett 1.10.2009
2010 Exhuming the Tube
FA. M.Reeves, L.Morris 2010