List of First Ascents

1984 Rainbow of Recalcitrance
FA. J.Silverster, M.Lynden 7.1984
Pull My Daisy
FA. M.Lynden, J.Silverster 7.1984
Poetry Pink
FA. (Poetry Pink) J.Redhead, D.Towse 7.1984,FA. (Released From Treatment) D.Towse, J.Redhead, A.Newton 26.4.1986
Naked Before the Beast
FA. D.Towse, J.M.Redhead 7.1984
Raped By Affection
FA. J.Redhead, D.Towse 7.84
German Schoolgirl
FA. M.Crook, N.Walton 18.8.1984
1985 Bella Lugosi is Dead
FA. M.Crook, N.Walton 28.5.1985
Horse Latitudes
FA. M.Crook, I.Jones, B.Drury, D.Jones 15.6.1985,FA. (Horsin' Around Finish) A.Holmes, S.Long 20.5.1986
1986 Colossus
FA. P.Williams, A.Holmes 27.3.1986
Gerbil Abuse
FA. M.Thomas, M.McGowan 2.4.1986
FA. (P1) D.Towse, J.Redhead 5.4.1986,FA. (P2) D.Towse, A.Newton 26.4.1986
Alive and Kicking
FA. G.Hughes, I.Jones 6.4.1986
Great Balls of Fire
FA. P.Williams, J.Allen 12.4.1986
Ride the Wild Surf
FA. P.Williams, D.Jones 26.4.1986
The Mau Mau
FA. P.Williams 20.5.1986
Major Headstress
FA.P.William, C.Gilchrist 5.6.86
Angel on Fire
FA. P.Williams, J.Dawes 5.6.1986
Celestial Inferno
FA. P.Williams, M.Barnicott 6.6.1986
FA. J.Dawes, C.Dale 8.6.1986
Jack of Shadows
FA. O.Jones, R.Whitwell 22.6.1986
Cystitis By Proxy
FA. D.Towse, J.Redhead 29.6.1986
Big Wall Party
FA. J.Allen, P.Williams 5.7.1986
1986 Vermin on the Ridiculous
FA. G.Smith 16.8.1986
Sleight of Hand
FA. M.Thomas 8.9.1986
Taken Over By Department 'C'
FA. N.Harms, G.Hughes 8.9.1986
Where Are My Sensible Shoes
FA. M.Thomas 17.9.1986
1987 Chewing the Cwd
FA. P.Pritchard, T.Jones, M.Thomas 14.2.87
Cure for a Sick Mind
FA. P.Pritchard, T.Jones, M.Thomas 14.2.87
The Spleenal Flick
FA. N.Harms 27.9.1987
Ringin in Urea's
FA. N.Harms 11.10.87
Drowning Man
FA. R.Deane, P.Hawkins 15.12.1987
1988 True Clip
FA. N.Harms 19.9.1988
1989 Spong
FA. N.Dixon 4.1989
Chariots of Fire
FA.J.Brown, D.H.Jones 26.6.89
Paradise Lost
FA. N.Harms, S.Young 11.1989
1990 The Very Big and the Very Small
FA. J.Dawes 3.7.90
The Dark Half
FA. N.Harms 27.11.1990
Bungles Arete
FA. Seam Myes 12.90
1991 The Dark Destroyer
FA. M.Pretty 13.4.1991
Rock Dancers Daughter
FA. M.Delafield, C.Goodey, D Goodey 6.1991
2007 Catrin
FA. L.Morris, M.Reeves 10.3.2007
Gwion's Groove
FA. M.Dickens, S.Dicken 20.3.2007
2008 Overtaken by Department 'C'
FA. I.Lloyd-Jones, J.Roberts, P,White 15.6.2008