List of First Ascents

1981 Comes the Dervish
FA. S.Haston 2.1981
1982 Sup 1
FA. S.Haston 1982
Sup 2
FA. S.Haston 1982
1983 Flashdance
FA. A.Pollit, T.Freeman 8.1983
1984 Belldance
FA. J.Redhead, D.Towse 19.3.84
For Whom the Bell Tolls
FA. A.Pollit, M.Crook, J.Taylor 29.4.84
1985 Last Tango in Paris
FA. M.Roberts, C.Edwards 12.5.1985
Menstrual Gossip
FA. J.Redhaed 5.85
Dawes of Perception
FA. J.Dawes 1985
The Spark That Set the Flame
FA. R.Drury 1985
1986 Manic Strain
FA. J.Redhead 24.4.1986
Never as Sweet
FA. (Sweetest Taboo) M.Raine, J.Dawes 1.5.1986,FA. (Never as Good as the First Time) M.Raine, C.Dale 10.5.1986
The Sweetest Taboo
FA. M.Raine, J.Dawes 1.5.1986
Is it a Crime
FA. M.Raine, C.Dale 10.5.1986
Never as Good as the First Time
FA. M.Raine, C.Dale 10.5.1986
Dwarf in the Toilet
FA. J.Redhead, M.Crook 16.5.1986
The Monster Kitten
FA. S.Andrews, S.Rittian 27.5.1986
Child's Play
FA. B.Drury 2.6.1986
Menopausal Discharge
FA. J.Redhead 9.6.1986
Gideon's Way
FA. M.E.Crook, N.Craine 14.6.1986
Gin Palace
FA. C.Smith 25.6.1986
1986 Wakey, Wakey, Hands off Snakey
FA. P.Barbier 22.8.86
Moving Being
FA. N.Harms, J.Barbier 23.8.1986
Mental Lentils
FA. J.Barbier 28.10.1986
Smokeless Zone
FA. C.Davies, M.Wells, P.Targett, C,Stephenson 9.12.86
1987 Menage a Trois
FA. M.Raine 24.7.87
1988 The Turkey Chant
FA. P.Johnstone, P.Pritchard 15.1.1988
FA. G.Hughes, T.Kay, C.J.Philips, N.Rice 12.4.1988
Bobby's Groove
FA. J.Dawes 13.4.1988
FA. A.Newton, P.Pritchard 8.5.1988
Ladder Resist
FA. N.Harmes, J. Anthoine 22.5.88
Watching the Sin Set
FA. T.Kay, S.Jones, N.Harmes 7.1988
1989 Breakdance
FA. A.Wainwright 1.1.89
Too Bald to Be Bold
FA. K.Simpson, S.Winstanley 10.4.1989
Glurp aka Dirt
FA. K.Simpson, S.Winstanley 10.4.1989
Two Bolts or Not to Be
FA. S.Scully 9.5.1989
1991 The Weetabix Connection
FA. C.Jex, L.Zablocki 26.2.1991
FA. S.Myles, M.Prettyu 17.4.91
2006 The Full Monty
FA. M.Raine 23.12.2006
Mister, Mister
FA. M.Raine 23.12.2006
2011 Poledance
FA. M.Reeves, L.Morris 9.2011
Swinging By The Bell
FA. M.Reeves, L.Morris 9.2011