List of First Ascents

1955 The Crank
FA. Joe Brown 1950s
The Great Zawn
FA. probably the Brown Whillans duo 1950s
Brown's Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1950s. “Technically by far the most difficult route here” - 1973 guidebook.
FA. Joe Brown 1950s
Don's Crack
FA. Don Whillans 1950s
1964 Ramshaw Crack
FA. Joe Brown 1964 (one sling). FFA. Gabe Regan 1977
1967 Foord's Folly
FA. Colin Foord late 1960s. FFA. John Allen 1973. Originally it was climbed on a wet day using nuts to an in-situ peg and called The Big Frig (VS and A1). The name was changed just before the 1973 guide went to print. Chris Craggs took the peg out in the late 70s.
1968 Louie Groove
FA. John Yates 1968
FA. Dave Salt 1968
The Untouchable
FA. Colin Foord 1968
1969 Dan's Dare
FA. Pete Ruddle 1969
The Crippler
FA. John Yates 1969
Little Giraffe Man
FA. John Yates 1969
1971 The Press
FA. Bob Hassall 1971
1972 Green Crack
FA. Pete Harrop 1972
Tally Not
FFA. Martin Boysen 1972
The Swinger
FA. Martin Boysen 1972
1973 Rubber Crack
FA. Steve Dale 1973
Extended Credit
FA. Dave Salt 1973
1975 Magic Roundabout Super Direct
FA. Jonny Woodward 1975
1976 Honest Jonny
FA. Jonny Woodward - honest! 1976
Crystal Tipps
FA. Andrew Woodward 1976
Rash Challenge
FA. Jonny Woodward 1976
1977 Traveller in Time
FA. Andrew Woodward 1977
Trivial Traverse
FA. Martin Boysen 1977
FA. Martin Boysen 1977
Elastic Limit
FA. Nick Longland 1977
FA. Martin Boysen 1977
FA. Martin Boysen 1977
Old Fogey
FA. Martin Boysen 1977
1978 National Acrobat
FA. Jonny Woodward 1978
Electric Savage
FA. Jonny Woodward (pitch 2) 1978. Nick Longland (pitch 1) 1979
1979 Sneeze
FA. Nick Longland 1979
English Towns
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
Time Out
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
Slow Hand Clap
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
1980 Tierdrop
FA. Nick Longland 1980
The Proboscid
FA. Nick Longland 1980
Ceiling Zero
FA. Gary Gibson 1980
Old Fogey Direct
FA. Jonny Woodward 1980
1981 Torture
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
1984 Dream Fighter
FA. Richard Davies 1984
Body Popp
FA. John Allen 1984
Handrail Direct
FA. Simon Nadin 1984
Scooped Surprise
FA. Simon Nadin 1984
The Ultra Direct
FA. John Allen 1984
Night of Lust
FA. John Allen 1984
Honking Bank Worker
FA. Allen Williams 1984
Approaching Dark
FA. Richard Davies 1984
1985 Force Nine
FA. Simon Nadin 1985
1986 Assembled Techniques
FA. Richard Davies 1986
Dangerous Crocodile Snogging
FA. Simon Nadin 1986
Never, Never Land
FA. Simon Nadin 1986
Be Calmed
FA. Graham Hoey 1986
1987 T'rival Traverse
FA. Graham Hoey 1987
Rock Trivia
FA. John Allen 1987
Maximum Hype
FA. John Allen 1987
Colly Wobble
FA. Simon Nadin 1987
Wick Slip
FA. Nick Dixon 1987
1991 Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop
FA. Seb Grieve Friday 13 September 1991. A typical choice of date for Seb to solo the first ascent.
Pat's Parched
FA. Pat Quinn 1991
1994 Sketching Wildly
FA. Rob Mirfin 1994
1995 Ultimate Sculpture
FA. Justin Critchlow mid 1990s
Juan Cur
FA. Seb Grieve 1990s. Named after persons unknown who stole part of the belay whilst the route was being worked!
FA. Mike Cluer (named after his dog) 1990s
Roller Coaster
FA. Simon Nadin 1990s
1996 Flaky Wall Super Direct
FA. Paul Harrison 1996
2000 Cedez le Passage
FA. Nik Jennings 2000
2001 Blockbuster
FA. Andy Turner 2001
Creep, Leap, Creep, Creep
FA. Nick Dixon 2001. Apparently Rob Mirfin climbed the same line in 1997 as Hey Jude E1 5c!
2002 Boom Bip
FA. Tom Briggs 2002