List of First Ascents

1900 Pillar Ridge
FA. Possibly A.E.Baker c.1900
1902 Long Climb
FA. One or more of the Puttrell/Baker mob, early 1900s
Right Twin Chimney
FA. E.A.Baker 1902
1907 Siren's Rock
FA. Unknown but pre 1907
1916 Leaf Buttress
FA. Ivar Berg 1916
Tower Face
FA. Harry Kelly 1916
Cave Arete Indirect
FA. Ivar Berg 1916. The first E1 ever climbed.
Cave Crack
FA. Ivar Berg 1916
1918 V Arete
FA. possibly Harry Kelly 1918
1921 Priscilla
FA. Morley Wood, Fred Pigott (alts) 1921
1927 Tower Arete
FA. Albert Hargreaves 1927
1928 The Blacksmith Climb
FA. Herbert Hartley 1928
Little Inominate
FA. Herbert Hartley 1928
1938 Priscilla Ridge
FA. Arthur Birtwhistle (of Diagonal fame) 1938
1940 Twin Eliminate
FA. Arthur Mullen 1940
1968 Sacrificial Crack
FA. Malc Baxter 1968
1984 Easter Bunny
FA. Steve Bancroft 1984
1986 Reincarnation
FA. Steve Bancroft 1986. Obviously done years ago.
Gardener's Question Time
FA. Steve Bancroft 1986
Modern Times
FA. Steve Bancroft 1986
1987 Come on Down
FA. Gabe Regan 1987
The Price is Fright
FA. Gabe Regan 1987
FA. Keith Ashton 1987
1988 Delectable Direct
FA. Keith Ashton 1988
1991 Never a Dull Moment
FA. Keith Ashton 1991
1995 Poking the Fire
FA. Keith Ashton 1990s
The Tea Drinking Tabby
FA. Steve Ashton 1990s
1996 Surfing with the Aliens
FA. Simon Royston 1996