List of First Ascents

1933 Crystalline
FA. Clifford Moyer, Eric Byne 1933
The Gully 1933
FA. Clifford Moyer, Eric Byne 1933. The first route climbed in WCJ. A curious choice except when you discover that they were using it as an escape route.
1957 Crumbling Cracks
FA. A.Williams, M.Harobin 1957
1959 Pong
FA. Graham West, Barry Roberts (aid) 1959
Virgin's Crack
FA. Graham West, Jack Arrundale 1959
1960 Dead Tree Crack
FA. Jim Curtis, Pete Hanson (aid) 1960
Dead Tree Groove
FA. Jim Curtis, Pete Hanson (aid) 1960
Alpha Groove
FA. Peter Bamfield, Alan Ellison 1960
1964 Christmas Cracks
FA. Tony Howard and others 1964
1966 The Troll
FA. Tony Howard, B.Hodgkinson (2pts) 1966. FFA. Tom Proctor 1976.
1970 Knuckle Knocker
FA. Keith Myhill 1970
Plastic Wonder
FA. Keith Myhill, Ken Jones 1970
FA. Keith Myhill, Al Evans 1970
Ping Pong
FFA. Keith Myhill 1970. Previously aided.
FFA. Keith Myhill 1970. Together with Ping Pong, this ascent marked the change from aid climbing to free climbing in the 1970s.,FA. Graham West, Barry Roberts 1959
1975 Toenail Pie
FA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles, Ernie Marshall 1975
Squatter's Rights
FA. Geoff Milburn, Dave Jordan 1975
The Bellringer
FA. Tom Proctor 1975
Hemmingway's Horror
FFA. Tom Proctor 1975. FA. Graham West, Barry Roberts 1950s
1976 Trial Run
FA. Alan Sanderson, Mick Walsh 1976
First Flight
FA. Mick Walsh, Alan Sanderson 1976
Fledgling Flakes
FFA. Tom Proctor 1976. Previously aided.
Coldity Groove
FFA. Jim Campbell, Con Carey 1976. FA. Pete Bagnell, Dan Murphy 1964
Coldity Crack
FFA. Pete O'Donovan, Mark Stokes 1976. FA. Pete Bagnell, Dan Murphy 1964 starting up the current line of Coldity Groove.
FA. Jim Reading 1976
FA. Al Evans, N.Donnely, John Tout 1976
Deja Vu
FA. Tom Proctor 1976
Hairy Legs
FA. Tom Proctor 1976
St. Paul
FFA. Andy Parkin, Pete O'Donovan 1976. Nearly freed by Ron Fawcett just before. FAA. Dave Peck, Paul Nunn 1960. FA. (Direct Start) Richard Davies (solo) 1987
FFA. Ron Fawcett, Pete Livesey 1976. FA. Paul Nunn, Brian Barlow, Barry Ingle 1960. FA. (Direct Start) Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1980
Carol's Crack
FA. Ron Fawcett 1976
Carillon Crack
FFA. Ron Fawcett and others 1976. FA. Graham West, Barry Roberts 1950s
Chiming Crack
FFA. Tom Proctor, Jim Reading, Ernie Marshall 1976,FA. Eric Fairhurst, Sonny Lee 1950s
Te Deum
FA. Con Carey, John Tout 1976
St. Paul Direct
FFA. Andy Parkin, Pete O'Donovan 1976. FA. Dave Peck, Paul Nunn 1960. FA. (Direct Start) Richard Davies (solo) 1987
Sweet FA
FA. Jim Moran, Con Carey 1976
Sweet William
FFA. Tom Proctor 1976. Previoulsy aided.
Sour Grapes
FA. Ron Fawcett, Pete Gomersall (both solo) 1976. Previously aided.
Black Sabbath
FA. Jim Moran, Con Carey 1976
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1976
Water Baliff
FA. Bob Conway, Chris Jackson 1976
FA. Chris Jackson, Dave Sant, Rod Haslam 1976. Given HVS originally because Chris didn't think he was good enough to lead extreme. The grade stuck for 13 years.
FA. Geoff Birtles, Al Evans 1976. FA. (SI) Paul Dearden 1988
Piranha Wall
FA. Chris Jackson 1976
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1976. FA. (Jaws II) Chris Plant 1984
Jungle Jim
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1976. FAA. North Staffs. M.C. 1964
The Ponger
FA. Mick Walsh, Alan Sanderson 1976
Marsh Dweller's Rib
FFA. Pete Livesey, Jill Lawrence 1976. They by-passed the aided start by using the tree. FAA. Graham West, C. Smith 1959.
1977 Erithacus
FFA. John Hesketh, Dave Tait 1977. FA. (1pt) Alan Sanderson, Mick Walsh 1977
FA. Al Evans, Jim Moran (both solo) 1977
Matto Grosso Chimney
FA. John Hesketh, Andy Tait 1977. FAA. Graham Roberts, Barry West 1957
1978 Flight Path
FA. Alan Sanderson, Mick Walsh 1978
Victory Roll
FA. Alan Sanderson, Mick Walsh 1978
Endless Flight
FA. Alan Sanderson, Mick Walsh 1978
Fear of Flying
FA. Paul Cropper, Bill Brook 1978
1979 Debris
FA. Geoff Birtles, Tom Proctor 1979
FFA. Tom Proctor, Geoff Birtles 1979. They used a completely different set of holds at about E3. The old pegs were replaced with bolts in 1991.,FA. Jim Curtis, Ian Bretherick 1960
Burning Up Time
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
FA. Jim Moran 1979
The Alien
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1979. Follows the lower section of the aid route Knut Kracker (FA. Brian Moore, Jim Ballard 1967 )
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
Palace of Tyranny
FA. Gary Gibson 1979
1980 Time Warp
FA. Jim Moran 1980
1981 The Angler
FFA. Dominic Lee 1981. FA. Chris Craggs, Colin Binks 1981
Agrippa's Knees
FA. Daniel Lee, Dominic Lee 1981. Includes a section of an old aid route Theorem.
Army Dreamers
FA. Ron Fawcett, Gill Fawcett 1981
La Chute
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
Cool Hand Luke
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
FA. Gary Gibson 1981
White Fright
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
FFA. Dominic Lee, Daniel Lee 1981,FA. (as Damascus Road, a hard A2 ) Brian Moore, Jim Ballard 1966
Witchcraft Wall
FFA. Neil Molnar (solo) 1981. FAA. Peter Bamfield, Alan Ellison 1960
A Miller's Tale
FFA. Andy Barker, Paul Mitchell, Steve Wright 1981,FA. (as Souwester) Chris Craggs, Colin Binks 1981
White Bait
FA. Daniel Lee 1981
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
FA. Daniel Lee, Dominic Lee 1981. Previously aided, hence the bolt.
Chair's Missing
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981. Named after Ron's squatted landing position on a previous attempt at the route.
Honeymoon Blues
FA. Ron Fawcett 1981
Under Western Eyes
FFA. Andy Barker 1981. FA. Graham West 1962
The Still Small Voice
FFA. Paul Mitchell, Mick Ward 1981. FAA. (as Hijacker) Unknown
Dreams of Leaving
FA. Mick Ward, Paul Mitchell 1981
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1981. FA. Mick Walsh, Alan Sanderson 1977
FFA. Ron Fawcett 1981. FA. Mick Walsh, Alan Sanderson 1977
1982 The Vision
FA. Ron Fawcett 1982
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1982
FA. Gary Gibson 1982
In Bulk
FA. Jerry Moffatt 1982
FFA. Johnny Woodward 1982. FA. Barry Roberts, Malc Baxter 1962
Part-time Hobby
FA. Paul Mitchell 1982
FA. Paul Mitchell 1982
FFA. Johnny Woodward, Jim Perrin 1982. Previously aided.
1983 Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Weird
FA. Andy Barker 1983
The Bomb is Coming
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
No Jug, No Thug
FA. Andy Barker 1983
Sperm Worm
FA. Paul Mitchell, Andy Barker 1983
FA. Chris Hardy 1983
Fort Knox
FA. Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn 1983
Nidhogg Loves Jormungand
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
Puffy White Flesh
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
The Lammergeyer Twins
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
Professor Kirk
FA. Paul Mitchell 1983
A Tall Story
FA. Quentin Fisher 1983
Strip Search
FA. Paul Mitchell, Andy Barker, Matt Boyer 1983
1984 Brachiation Dance
FFA. Tim Freeman 1984. Led with one rest by Dominic Lee in 1980,FA. (as Nemesis) Graham West, Barry Roberts 1959,FA. (Dance Direction) Steve Earnshaw, Mark Shearer 1990
The Bulge 1984
FA. Andy Mitchell 1984
Jaws ll
FFA. Chris Plant, Mark Pretty 1984. FAA. Brian Moore, Jim Ballard, D.Land 1966.
Chistiliano Wall
FA. Andy Bailey, Al Rouse 1984
Rio Verde
FA. Al Rouse, Andy Bailey 1984
Tree Dweller's Crack
FA. Al Rouse, Andy Bailey 1984
1985 Ground Control
FA. Bill Wintrip, Chris Jackson 1985
Skyline Pigeon
FA. Chris Jackson, Bob Conway 1985
Armed With an Empty Gun
FA. Chris Jackson, Bill Wintrip, Roy Small 1985
La Route
FA. Keith Sharples, Mike Browell 1985
The Importance of Being Ernest
FA. Keith Sharples 1985
The Amnicolist Spies on the Black Submarine
FA. Paul Mitchell, John Kirk 1985. FA. (PV) Andy Barker, Ben Moon 1985
The Myth of Masculinity
FA. Paul Mitchell, Andy Barker, Mark Pretty 1985
A Bigger Tail
FA. Tim Freeman 1985. The finish was bolted in 2010.
FA. Quentin Fisher 1985
Blue Eyed Myxamatoid
FA. Paul Mitchell 1985
Castle Puddings
FA. Nigel Slater 1985
1986 Fatal Hesitation
FA. Richard Davies 1986. FA. (Direct Start - Premature Evacuation) Gary Gibson 2014
Fire on Water
FA. Richard Davies 1986
En Masse Descendre
FA. Richard Davies 1986
Vapour Stream
FA. Richard Davies 1986
La Belle Age
FA. Richard Davies 1986
Hammy Hamster's Last Rites
FA. Richard Davies 1986
Splinter in the Mind's Eye
FA. Richard Davies (solo) 1986
Psychic Emulator
FA. Richard Davies (solo) 1986
Empire Burlesque
FA. Andy Pollitt 1986
Once upon a Time
FA. Richard Davies 1986
One Way Reflection
FA. Richard Davies, A. Stewart, Mark Delafield 1986
Aquarian Warriors
FA. Richard Davies, Simon Nadin 1986
FA. Andy Pollitt 1986 starting on the left. Ben Moon added the direct.
Let the Tribe Increase
FA. Quentin Fisher 1986. Previously aided.
FA. Tony Ryan 1986. The second 8a+ in the Peak.
1986 Hot Fun Closing
FA. Ben Moon 1986. FA. (Kudos) Chris Gore 1986
FFA. Andy Pollitt 1986. FA. Brian Moore, Jim Ballard 1967
Nappy Squad
FA. Paul Mitchell, John Kirk 1986
1987 Zeke the Freak
FA. Ben Moon 1987
Knocked Out Loaded
FA. Andy Pollitt 1987
Sunshine Super Frog
FA. Malc Taylor, T.Goodwin 1987
Silent Storm
FA. Richard Davies, Simon Nadin 1987
FA. Richard Davies 1987
Tree Surgeon
FA. Richard Davies 1987
Final Apocalypse
FA. Richard Davies 1987
Flake Out Shake Out
FA. Steve Earnshaw, Jon Cort 1987
Too Old to be Bold
FA. Mark Pretty 1987. Named when the trad/bolt argument was at its peak.
The Dangerous Brothers
FA. Martin Atkinson 1987
1988 Dumb Animal
FA. Chris Plant 1988. The name is Chris's opinion of himself for not placing a bolt.
Trench Warfare
FA. Richard Davies (solo) 1988
FFA. Richard Davies 1988.,FA. (as Ardennes A2 ) Members of the Rimmon M.C. 1964
Hesitation Dance
FA. Richard Davies (solo) 1988
The Weakling
FA. Ben Masterson 1988
The Thatcher Years
FA. Bill Gregory Keith Sharples 1988. FA. (The Poor) Paul Mitchell 1984
Bandwagon on Direction
FA. Simon Cundy 1988. Done with a bolt runner which was later removed and the route re-led without it.
Living with a Porcupine
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Changing Fortunes
FA. Keith Sharples, Chris Hardy 1988
Out of the Shadows
FA. Keith Sharples, Graham Hoey 1988
Another Moatside Attraction
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Moat Madness
FA. Keith Sharples 1988
Sheer Power
FA. Tony Walker 1988
The Lady of the Lake
FA. Seb Grieve, Geraldine Taylor 1988
D.T.'s Route
FA. Dave Thomas 1988. He didn't name the route.
Drawbridge Down When the Levee Breaks
FA. Malcolm Taylor 1988
No Mud, No Thud
FA. Chris Plant 1988
Let the Tripe Increase
FA. Chris Plant 1988
FA. Gary Gibson 1988. FA. (Direct) Kris Clemmow 2012
Moat People
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Afloat in the Moat
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Moat Race
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Moat Puddings
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Rhyme Crime
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
Rhyme and Reason
FA. Keith Sharples 1988
Reserve Judgement
FA. Keith Sharples 1988
Happy Days
FA. Keith Sharples 1988
Oh Dear!
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
The Majorca Alternative
FA. Bill Gregory, Keith Sharples 1988
Desmond Douglas
FA. Gary Gibson 1988
1989 The Sissy
FA. Chris Plant 1989. Named after Ben Moon's comment on routes which require footwork.
Cruising the Seven Seas
FA. Chris Plant 1989
That'll Do Nicely
FFA. Ian Parsons, Howard Lancashire 1989. The upper section was climbed as Yankee Dollar by Jim Moran in 1980. FA. Bruce Andrews, Brian Moore 1970. This followed the original aided line of Behemoth to start.
The Inch Test
FFA. Simon Nadin 1989.,FA. (As Battle of the Bulge) Tony Howard, John Amatt 1964
Atilla the Hun
FA. Keith Sharples 1989
FA. Chris Wright 1989
The Disillusioned Glue Machine
FA. Mark Pretty 1989
Rumble in the Jungle
FA. Andy Pollitt 1989. Jean Baptist-Tribout had almost completed the route but sportingly grabbed a quickdraw near the top to invalidate the ascent.
Yorkshire 8b
FA. Ben Masterson 1989. The name was a dig at the Yorkshire scene on the late 1980s where there seemed to be a few too many 8b routes appearing.
The Dole 1989
FA. Malc Taylor, John Hart 1989. FA. (The Enterprise Allowance Finish) Mark Pretty 1989. FA. (The Restart) Steve Earnshaw.
FA. John Welford 1989
The Fall
FA. Chris Wright 1989
The Ego has Landed
FA. Mike Lea 1989
Mr. Puniverse
FA. Chris Wright 1989
As Summers Die
FA. Mike Lea 1989
Moat Wall
FA. Chris Wright 1989
1990 Nervous and Shaky
FA. Simon Cundy 1990
Fatal Attraction
FA. Chris Wright 1990. Direct start added and bolted in 2014.
The Chain Gang
FA. Chris Wright 1990
Dangerous Liaisons
FA. Keith Sharples, Chris Wright 1990
Looking Good
FA. Bill Wintrip, Chris Jackson 1990
Eat the Rich
FA. John Welford 1990
One to One
FA. Mike Lea, Chris Wright 1990
Love is the Drug
FA. Simon Cundy 1990
1991 Zeitgeist
FA. Ian Dunn, Claudie Dunn, Neil Critchlow 1991
Truly Awesome
FA. Ian Dunn 1991
Western Samoa
FA. Alan James 1991
The Free Monster
FA. John Welford 1991. Nigel Slater climbed the route as The Tea Monster in 1990. His dubious bolted-on flake had a short life.
Nude Moatorcycle Girl
FA. Simon Cundy, R.Harrison 1991
Two Sheep to Leicester
FA. Paul Dearden, Alan James 1991
Searching for the Yeti
FA. Alan James 1991
1992 Albatrossity
FA. Robin Barker 1992. FA. (Direct version) Simon Reed 1994
Plectrum Maxilla Direct
FA. Malcom Taylor 1992. FA. (original) Paul Mitchell 1986
FA. (Direct ) Malcom Taylor 1992. FA. (DS) Paul Mitchell 1984
1993 Reptar on Ice
FA. Nick Taylor, Keith Bolton 1993
FA. Mark Pretty 1993
1994 Alimoany
FA. Malcolm Taylor 1994
1995 The Bastard
FFA. John Welford 1995. FA. (Aided as Free That You Bastards) Chris Craggs, Graham Parkes 1986
FA. Neil Bentley 1995
1996 Going Bush
FA. Simon Cundy 1996
1997 Perfecto
FA. Tony Coutts 1997
Trainer Tamer
FA. Tony Coutts 1997
1998 The Nasty Man
FA. Jon Barton, Robin Barker 1998
Mission Impossible
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
Agent Provocateur
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
FA. Tony Coutts 1998
1999 Goldcrest
FA. Jon Barton 1999
FA. Steve Fearn 1999
Coming Up for Air
FA. Kevin Woodhead 1999
The Flying Dutchman
FFA. Andy Cave, Andy Perkins, Tony Parkes 1999,FA. J Ballard, B.Moore (A3 ) 1966
Karma Killer
FA. Tony Coutts 1999
2000 Aliens
FA. (Aliens) Mike Lea 2000. FA. (White Fright) Ron Fawcett 1981
2001 Monsterosity
FA. Simon Reed 2001
Ape Index
FA. Steve McClure 2001
The Auctioneer
FA. Keith Sharples 2001
2006 Incapacity Benefit
FA. Kristian Clemmow in 2006,FA. (Thatcher Years) Bill Gregory, Keith Sharples (as an E5 6b) 1988.,FA. (Nothing to Help the Poor) Paul Mitchell 1984. Started on the left.
Confidence Trick
FA. Mark Pretty 2006
2007 The Three Spheres
FA. Rupert Davies 2007
FA. Simon Reed 2007
2008 Beluga
FA. Jon Fullwood 2008
FA. Andy Harris 2008
2009 The Pinch Test
FA. Mark Pretty 2009
Fort Knox Direct
FA. Seb Grieve 2009. FA. (Fort Knox) Jim Moran, Geoff Milburn. This avoided the hard roof by a loose loop out left and back right.
The Treadmill
FA. Seb Grieve 2009
FA. Seb Grieve 2009
2010 Small but Perfectly Formed
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
The Wimp
FA. Mark Pretty 2010
Last But Not Least
FA. Paul Freeman 2010
Catch the Rainbow
FA. Dave Simmonite 2010
FA. Ben Heason 2010
Dangerous Tribes
FA. Jon Clark 2010
2011 Slapdasher
FA. Paul Freeman 2011. Climbed on Christmas Eve.
Wish you Were Here
FA. David Simmonite 2011
Costa del Jolly
FA. David Simmonite 2011
2012 Slapin
FA. Mark Pretty 2012
Welsh Rarebit
FA. Paul Freeman 2012
All Hands to the Pump
FA. Mark Pretty 2012
2013 Val de Mossa
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Four Men Tour
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
You Got No Reason
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Who Got Rhyme
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Blanca Expression
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
Do I?
FA. Gary Gibson 2013
2014 No Chains on Me
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
My Fickle Resolve
FA. Gary Gibson 2014. FA. (Warhead) Gary Gibson 1982
Une Jour Parfait
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Freedom is Insane
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
C'est Plastique
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
It Tolls for Thee
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
Escape Artist
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
La Brute
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
FA. Gary Gibson 2014
2016 Pinch an Inch
FA. Kris Clemmow 2016