Great Peter

2 Stars
 E1 5b

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The thin seam splitting the wall is reached via a steep fingery crack (5c - but easily avoided) and gives pleasantly delicate moves. Protection is reasonable with enough small wires. Belay by the tree stump and finish off upwards more easily.
FA. Peter Biven 1956. FFA. Clive Jones 1976


Slightly polished and with only two small wires for protection this is still an enjoyable outing. RP's are useful
as "Psychological" pro. Watch out fo the ants nest at the top in August! The Climbers Club grade of E2 is
definatly more appropriate than E1 due to the lack of quality placements.
Mountain Lass - 26/Dec/01

The hard starting crack seemed more like 5c to me, with the rest of the route only 5b. Hard E1/soft E2 ?
Nick Smith - 24/Apr/02

Thought the gear was ok on this pitch - hard to place well but protectible with a set of wires 1-6. First moves are the hardest, the rest is probably 5b but feels harder when you're pumped! Hard E1 I reckon.
Al Hodkinson - 20/May/02

Overall I think the gear is poor on this route and could get someone badly in trouble, so would give it E2 for the head games.
Chris - 09/Jan/03

Nice route. Thin gear but enough of it. E1 is an appropriate grade (i.e. I didn't scare myself stupid) as long as you have plenty of small wires and a set of swedges or similar. It'd be a really soft grit E2!
darren - 21/Mar/03

Good route BUT gear not great+spaced+pumpy to place.this combined with the fairly sustained moves surely makes this route E2 5b with a 5c problem start me thinks.
mark s davies - 03/Apr/03

E2, no way. I actually thought this route was very well protected with small wires. The start is by far the hardest part of the climb.
Mark Westerman - 08/Oct/03

Theres a loose block about half way up- watch out for it!
Joe Mansfield - 13/Feb/04

Ei and very protected.
Justin Shiels - 24/Apr/04

Thought the gear was good so E1 should be the grade. It's a good climb because you have to work out the moves and it keeps you on your toes right to the top.
the bat - 12/May/04

did this as my first E1, and found the protection fine, even without any micros, just rocks 1-10, and some hexes. tricky start tho.
alex rigg - 16/Jun/04

Where can you get hexes in?
Adam Moroz - 10/Jan/05

The definitive guide gives this route starting up the crack 2m left of 'Great Harry'. The start listed here is more like 5c giving a spurious technical crux to the route.
karl walton - 14/Jun/05

Definatly only E1, you can get plenty of good gear in with 1-10nuts (all placed off the left hand mind!). Would be far to soft for a peak E2.
Markyb - 05/Aug/05

i found this easy for E1 but im left handed i didnt notice but markyb says u place it all off ur left so probably better for lefties , the gear is fine by the way i had about 12 bits in
Cragdog al - 22/Aug/05

Ive only done about 5 E1s but did the start of this ok, it was the loose block that caught me out. Wish Id carried on now but was never going to trust gear behind it to hold a lead fall so put in the best bit I could and gingerly lowered off. One bold move to get to there as well, although when abbing for gear I could see the rest of the route was well-protected once a couple of moves past the block.
Moral: dont do this route if like me you hate loose blocks!
Si dH - 15/Sep/05

I only seconded this route ages ago. I have since attempted to lead it several times since then, but whimped out at the wobbly block half way up. Is the crux below or above this. Everyone seems to say it is below, but up to the wobbly block is faily straight forward. Have I lost the plot?
Jon Dittman - 17/Oct/05

I placed two wires behind the "loose" block today & used it move up, seemed well keyed in to me.
jim jones - 09/Jul/06

the legendary loose block seems to cam itself in toplace to my mind.

the difficulty of this route seems in part to do with the sustained nature of the climbing and in part to holding on whilst placing gear. Certianly hard for E1
Michael Simpson - 19/Oct/06

First time ive noticed this is only two stars... its gotta be 3 surely. About where the crux is? who knows its all good technically hard in the lower part then easyer to work out the moves further up but it gets pumpy so feels just as hard as the lower.
neil furniss - 12/Nov/06

start is more of a boulder problem (borderline 5c). gear is fine, gets better (bomber) as you get higher. loose block isnt really loose and takes gear which would probably help jam the block if you fall. technical crux on the route proper are the moves at the top of the main part of the climb. an excellent route but not grit / Peak E2.
ksjs - 12/Aug/07

quality route, took a few attempts with combined efforts, also my cousin took a 20 foot fall, the crux is right at the top just before the tree when u r pumped.
robert bridges - 17/Aug/07

Well protected, think I had about 8 good small wires in, loose block doesn't wobble if you put in a wire at the left hand side, nice climbing, crux for me is the last move when you're pumped.
chris jones - 08/Oct/07

Nicely sustained E1 with lots of technical type moves at 5b with a worthwhile 5c start. The gear is fine.
Jon Leighton - 21/Oct/07

this has got to be the easiest E1 I have ever done. Gear is fine and definitely only really 5a.
John Roberts - 13/Aug/08

did this again yesterday and the loose block has gone leaving only slopey(although big) holds and no gear at that point. I felt it was definitely harder than before and way more pokey. e2 now for me.
Nick Verney - 04/May/09

Gear not very good in middle section until you get above where the loose block used to be
Neil Binns - 05/May/09

I've never done this route with "loose block" in situ. But, forgetting the problem start, this route is a clear E2 5b to me ... reason? Because the good gear is very spaced and there are no clear resting places ... definitely not recommended as first E1!
David Roscoe - 05/Jun/09

After doing this route yesterday I was left thinking what on earth all the fuss was about ? Good rests on big footholds from positive sidepulls, tons of bomber gear all the way placed from the rests and no desperate moves. easier than the Embankment E1s by far.
GrahamD - 12/Oct/09

E1 and soft at that if you can muster the courage to get up to the good gear - which isn't really that far away. Easy compared to either of the E1s on Red Wall and like yer man says, Millstone!
Dave Foster - 03/May/10

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