Hollow Ground

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The long-admired thin flake right of Cerebellum. The flake is very thin, but has been tested by some heavy climbers.
FA. Ben Stokes 22.3.2002


Pile o' choss getting up to the flake but it wort it!
Jus - 05/Feb/07

I am nearly 13 stone and it didnt appear in any danger of coming off.
Richard Horn - 24/Apr/07

I'm over 13 stone and I'm sure if I laybacked the flake I could snap half of it off!! Ensure you pull in the right direction and be gentle with this one...
JIMBO - 24/Apr/07

I tried to remove the flake immediately after the FA. After a few tentative efforts I ended up placing my feet next to my hands and pulling as hard as I could. The fact the flake is still there shows how effective that was...
Ben Stokes - 25/Apr/07

Or how weak you are...
Steve Taylor - 18/Jun/08

Fair point. At least the flake has subsequently received the ultimate validation - eh Steve?
Ben Stokes - 21/Jun/08


Why you little......
Steve Taylor - 07/Jul/08

very dirty biginning! cool flake, bit scarey
andy schof - 18/Aug/09

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