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The awesome line out of the cave to the right of The Futurist 2002. Steep ground accesses the lip where thin cruxy moves may allow the belay to be gained.
FA. Rob Kennard 10.2003


Has this had any know repeats yet?
Adam Lincoln - 11/Oct/06

Hi Adam,
I haven't heard of anyone seriously trying or repeating this yet. Have you tried it? When Rob did it I was working it, but damaged a knee ligament on a crucial knee bar under the roof and have been woried about getting back on it. It's probably 7c+ through the roof to the lip and then a very hard boulder problem around the roof with feet swinging off to France! Not really suitable for me, being 6'4''. Good luck if you get on it! That area does seep in winter though, so be quick before the monsoon arrives.
Richard White - 12/Oct/06

Cheers Rich, planning to get on this weekend, did Rise and Liquid last weekend so Futurist and a play on event this weekend. I was kind of looking for a bit of beta as it looks like it could help with this one!
Adam Lincoln - 12/Oct/06

Feel free to contact me! There is one particularly bizarre move on it...
rob kennard - 12/Oct/06

PS, the Futurist has a hanger missing at the mo' - either take one with you or use a stick to gain the higher one( they are close together at that point).
rob kennard - 12/Oct/06

Have mailed you Rob, cheers
Adam Lincoln - 13/Oct/06

Can I ask what are the chances of this route being dry before the autumn. I went there last weekend and it was damp (as were most of the overhanging routes with no direct sun exposure)
vlad - 09/Jun/08

The roofs will dry if it doesn't rain. The far eastern end of the prom does tend to suffer from seepage.

It has been dry all summer some years and not until the autumn in others. Give it at least a week without any rain to let seepage stop. The problem at the moment is that the groundwater is quite high.

Try Atonement and the two routes to its right at the other end. They are dry at the moment and just needs a bit of sun, breeze to dry off any condensation.
Richard White - 12/Jun/08

Is late summer/early autumn the best season for this route/crag? I went there a couple a weeks ago and most of the steep routes were damp, perhaps due to proximity with the sea and lack of direct sun exposure.
vlad - 16/Jun/08

I don't want to sound non-committal but it really does depend.
Last year the Prom was dry from April with only a tiny bit of seepage. Usually by now most of the routes are dry. This year is a bit different at the moment.
All I can say is keep trying, it will be worth it!
Richard White - 17/Jun/08

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