Problem 12


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A Gaskins crimp-special starting from the ramp of Picnic Sarcastic and up to the lip. Possibly unrepeated.


Any of you beasts done this? Adam, Dan? Anyone know anyone who's done it? Hell anyone tried it even?! Be good to know something for the guide as I imagine John will just say its easy!
Neil Kershaw - 26/Mar/06

Not to bad apart from the last move. VERY sharp and tompson did this in 97 not sure if that was first acsent?
adam hocking - 27/Mar/06

holds actually slice the skin awesome moves though, fell off last move havent been back since, finishes as for grand opera
local bumbly - 27/Mar/06

needs a name too, "phantom of the opera"? as no knows much about it? that is if jon hasnt given it one
local bumbly - 27/Mar/06

Cleaned and chalked all the holds on this today, including the left hand side of the notch which the Grand Opera crimp is in, there is actually a very good hold here, looks like after the start you could match this and the GO crimp then lay one on. If anyone's interested now is a good time to try!
Neil Kershaw - 18/Apr/06

Anyone done the deed yet? An awesome line.
Tim S - 17/May/06

I believe it has had a couple of sends in the last few weeks.
Dark Lord - 17/May/06

Yes Greg has done it and its a fair bet that "local bumbly" has by now too.
Neil Kershaw - 21/May/06

He has.
Greg Chapman - 22/May/06

Repeated yesterday by Ryan Pasquill 4th go. Trade route!
Neil Kershaw - 29/May/06

This was definitely first sent by Mr. Gaskins. Neil Thompson never claimed the problem (from the horse’s mouth).
Greg Chapman - 22/Oct/06

never did it, thats why I nver claimed it. Tried many times, a better/harder start would be direct to the pinch avoiding piicnic altogether
neil thompson - 13/Dec/07

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