For fite

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30m. The wall just to the left of a pinnacle leaning up against the base of the cliff.


This is the route with "38metres" written below I think.
Significantly harder if you go direct in the middle(7aish?).
Good route.
martin - 24/Oct/08

The description for this and "Double Edge" are the wrong way round. This is the left hand of the 2 close together routes and has the tree some way up it. The right hand route is the one which is just left of the pinnacle. Both are excellent. This route does indeed have 38 metres scratched on the rock at the base. It is around 35 to 36 meters long, you can get back to the ground by swinging to the left were the base of the crag rises if you are on a 60 metre rope & you are careful. I needed more than 12 quick draws, it might have been 14 or even 15. First bolt is high but there are good wires in the starting crack. Well worth the effort, an outstanding long journey which maintains quality throughout
Michael Simpson - 20/Dec/08

Great expedition! The start is pretty tough with the extremely high first bolt. After that there is only one hard move left, and a lot of nice crusing on good holds.
Thomas Boesgaard - 06/Jan/09

Just to add to the confusion of having the descriptions aparently the wrong way round, there are now two new routes to the left of this. Both have gold bolts and look hard
chris_moor - 19/Jan/09

Awesome route! Especially when you don't see the 38m etched into the rock at the bottom and the thing just keeps on going and going! The climbing may be better on the 6b+ to the right but this thing is a journey well worth taking.

You can even do it with a 60m rope now, the mallion on the 3rd bolt is mine!!! : (

First bolt is v high and that first wee crack is hard enough. Didn't like the way all the bolts were sprayed with white paint...a though occured at about 3/4 height that they the white paint may be a local code for "the bolts on this route are shite, don't climb!"...I still don't know if I was right. lol
Kevin Kilroy - 05/Feb/09

There are two new routes left of For fite, as Chris wrote. The Rockfax topo wrongly shows one of these lines as beeing For fite. Made us go up the wrong route.
Erik Brondbo - 14/May/10

Topo wrong, pitch length wrong. Great route.
Justin Shiels - 25/Feb/11

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