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The huge ship's keel is exhilarating and photogenic. Stay as close to the arete as possible for maximum exposure.


Just one of many perfectly good trad routes ruined by indiscriminate bolting...WHY!
Nick - 11/Apr/00

The best route I have ever done!
Sp - 16/Apr/01

I agree with Sp this route rocks!!
Ado - 13/Aug/01

Excellent route, absolutely lovely position/setting. Even if you climb 6's and 7's do it just for the beautiful setting.
Gary Wilson - 02/Apr/02

Good route and good location.
Gareth - 07/Apr/02

The route is fantastic, especially if you want a good quality climbing photo, Save ure windging for the forums Nick.
Spaver - 07/Apr/02

Fantastic route in a superb location. Proves the point that it doesn't have to be hard to be good! Did the route as the sun was setting and can't wait for the photos.
Ade - 08/Apr/02

Excellent route! Keep as close to the edge as you can for superb exposure and superb holds on the exposed seam.
Big Racquel - 04/Jul/02

Brilliant route, and perfect for beginners.
StewW - 26/Jul/02

Easy but fantastic route, well worth doing no matter how good you are.
Jeggs - 23/Sep/02

This may well be easy, but it still scares the sh!t out of me - every time I do it!! Exposure is great, thrilling, I'd recommend anyone of any ability to do it!! Are 4 stars possible?
Ant B - 19/Feb/03

I did this route on Boxing day a couple of years on brilliant sunny day. Fantastic! Sadly because my partner procrastinates like............................well, that, by the time I got on it I'd been stood in the shade for so long that I'd lost feeling in my fingers. Still it's a brilliant climb and well worth the back-breaking, heart-exploding walk back up to the top.
alistair bayliss - 20/Feb/03

A truly wonderful route, climbed when the weather was moody and atmospheric adding to the fun. Fantastic for beginners.
Jez - 24/May/03

This route rocks my world, just make sure you're the first up it or you'll have to queue all day as everybody in this sector has to climb this at least once per visit.
pieman - 06/Aug/03

You don't have to use the bolts!
chris - 29/Aug/03

fantastic route in excellent bankholiday weather. bit busy but well worth the wait for my second ever outdoor lead.
kwisturphur - 04/May/04

I'm all for bolting all the trad routes on portland. Let's open up the crags for everyone to climb and include the lower grade climbs so people could in theory learn to climb at portland alone, currently there are not enough routes less than 6a IMHO. Anyway what's the point of trad on portland does anyone actually take a trad rack there anymore ?

However saying you don't need to use the bolts is riduculous, they are there now and can be used, the risk has been reduced as they can always be clipped in emergencies.

Oh BTW nice climb but more of a 2+ than a 3.
Woker - 27/Jul/04

Great fun. The lower off is a bit oddly placed, though.
mwh - 30/Jul/04

Excellent route, my first ever outdoor climb (and first lead at the same time). Lower off is in a daft place, miss the bolt before the LO to reduce the drag. Still do this route every time im in the area.
Steve - 23/Aug/04

Agree with steve an absolute gem! Great setting and perfect place to introduce friends to the joy of climbing
Alex - 17/Oct/04

Lovely route but why the 'strenuous / pumpy' symbol?
BruceH - 04/Jul/05

Nick, its only a few bolts - they dont damage the ozone layer or melt the ice caps. In fact all they do is allow more people to enjoy a days climbing. If you dont like clipping bolts go to a gritstone crag and bag yourself a few E7's.
shiner - 11/Aug/05

A great choice got beginers, but still very enjoyable for those with experience. Nick get over it. Damn trad climbers! no doubt you don't use chalk and like hugging trees too.
sashcoombes - 13/Feb/06

Not a bad route. Didn't enjoy as much as i thought i would! Probably gonna solo it as will be more enjoyable that way! Nick trad climbing is pointless. If i had my way every rock face in the world would be bolted!!
Nugget - 13/Feb/06

Loved this one, nice and easy with lots of options all the way up. Once top-roped my belayer could barely keep up. The only disconcerting moment on the lead was being unable to see where the penultimate bolt was due to the curvature of the arete, but by that stage the climbing is easy enough to just push on through.
Andy R - 11/Jun/06

agree with everyone else an absolutley lovley climb with a gorgeous setting. first time outdoors and i loved it to bits. a defo to do.
Daniel White - 22/Mar/09

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