Ocean Drive

2 Stars

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A superb sustained line with a stiff finish if taken direct.
FA. Helen Heanes 4.1998


The finish of this route is really quite hard for 6a+. Keep left to make it a bit easier but you still have a fingery hang to clip the belay.
Alan James - 03/Apr/00

Good route, the top is the crux and maybe a bit hardish for 6a+ but its certainly not 6b.
Al Evans - 04/Jun/01

Err, must have been having a good day, on re-aquaintence it might well be worth 6b!!!!!
Al Evans - 24/Jun/02

Very hard for 6 a plus if you got completely direct, but fine if you go left
John Alcock - 05/Jul/02

It's an absolute walk for 6a+.
The tricky bit is just as Alan says; a crimpy hang that you have to pull on slightly to clip the lower-off's.
It's easy. (Look at Inch Perfect at Battleship - that's 6b and it's WAY harder than this)
BenThorne - 27/Sep/02

The finish would be a stopper if you're pushing your grade on this route, the rest is fairly easy for 6a+. Great climbing though, go do it!
Tom Beaumont - 24/Oct/02

Ben was pushing his grade! (only joking ben)
Must have been in good nick!
nealh - 29/Sep/04

Probably the best route at the grade on the island... well apart from Stalkers Zone maybe
Ben Stokes - 30/Sep/04

6b for the finish, no question. no point comparing with inch perfect inchworm as that's the biggest sandbag since the d-day landings.
rob smitton - 15/Feb/05

Last climb of the day and a good one to end on. Found the top hard for the grade. Did a few 6a+ routes this day and found this one the toughest.
Jez - 08/May/05

Personally I thought that this route is graded well at 6a+. As we all know, the crux is taking the top directly (without creeping to the left). I think there is more to it than meets the eye, there is a left heel hook which takes a fair bit of weight allowing you to climb thinly (but within the 6a+ grade) to the top. I can see that if you missed the heelhook it could be alot harder, 6b?
Fred Mead - 30/May/05

Fair enough at 6a+. Brilliant route as well..
Wilbur - 21/Mar/06

There's a knee bar on the direct finish which makes life a lot easier. There's still a fingery hang to clip the LO, but your arms will have a little more in them. Also getting your weight to the right helps when clipping the LO.
Ben Stokes - 25/Apr/07

great little route with absorbing moves all the way, another fine 6a+ on the isle
Alex - 28/Aug/08

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