In on the Killtaker

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A very good route taking in some unlikely climbing and with a sting in the tail.
FA. Pete Oxley 28.5.1993


The sting is if you are short! - Last buldge has a looooooong reach on it...
Jimbo - 24/May/05

Not if you go left a little...
Ben Stokes - 24/May/05

Might be a little left to you but its either too far left or off route for me...
Jimbo - 31/May/05

No, definitely on route and definitely not reachy.
Ben Stokes - 31/May/05

What did you use? The largeish ledge up and left I cannot span to from the sidepull on the buldge. I didn't see much between, have I missed a hold then?
Jimbo - 01/Jun/05

I presume you are referring to the very sharp one/two finger sidepull.
I remember a poor flowstone pinch for the left hand, bringing my right hand in from the sharp sidepull to a poor edge, reaching left to a sloping (l)edge and rocking over rightwards.
No originality from me: I copied Gav, Woody and Neal on this one!
Ben Stokes - 01/Jun/05

I found a new sequence (for me) the other day that isn't reachy, doesn't require pulling on that nasty, sharp pocket/sidepull, and providing you've got a good pair of edging boots, no harder.
Of course I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's onsight by posting the beta on here ;o)
Ben Stokes - 23/May/07

the top move is very do-able, it took me atleast an hour on a rope to figure out a way of doing it properly. I'm 5'11 roughly and i can just reach the sloping ledge with my left, from the sharp right hand side pull, but because it slopes cant get any recruitment! But there is another way, you just have to look hard, not where you would expect to though! requires imagination and is one of the coolest on lead moves when it strings together.
andy schof - 08/Sep/09

sooooooo coool!! the best on lead move so far
andy schof - 15/Sep/09

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