Blackthorn Winter

1 Stars

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Climb the lower wall rightwards to a thin crack and climb this to the midway break. Pull up to a small ledge at the base of a wide groove and follow it with difficulty to the upper breaks. Swing left and up to finish.
FA. Steve Taylor 28.5.1996


This is now almost certainly harder now that a key foothold got detached on the crux move. Instead of a nice sharp footledge, there is a scar and potentially usable sloping foothold.
Steve Thomas - 29/Aug/00

Ahh - That would explain a thing or two!
ben stokes - 04/Jun/01

That certainly would explain a thing or two, presumably you mean in the tricky little groove section. Nice route though.......... but more like 6c???
Paul Edwards - 16/Sep/01

Good climb, but surely hardish 6c. There's also a reachy move at half way for the vertically challenged.
John Alcock - 19/May/03

I agree with John (even for the not so vertically challenged (I'm 5'10")). I did this straight after Scapa Flow and found it the harder of the two (Although SF is easy)
Goi - 19/May/03

Onsighted this today :-). Agree with it being hard for the grade, and an extremely 'necky' top clip ... quite a large fall. Thought it deserves one of those 'pumped arm' little things next to the description as it is fairly sustained. Anyone else think that? Or is it just me being stupid!
FredMead - 02/Jun/05

I should be a 12bc - the ankle of the rock is clearly not a challenging ride though
George - 03/Jun/05

Agree with the comments re. tricky groove section- I couldn't do the move at all and it has been a long time since that has happened on a 6b+. Plus the cruz move is about 6 feet above a ledge that you are likely to hit if you fluff it. 6c something...
Max_01 - 13/Jun/05

The foothold towards the top of the groove peeled off as I was doing this a couple of weeks ago - shouldn't affect the grade though.
Danos - 01/Oct/05

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