Wedding Daze

1 Stars

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Clean climbing throughout. One brief hard move at the top to a massive jug.
FA. J.Parsons 10.8.1997


One brief true 6b move at the top to a massive jug. The rest is more like 6a in my opinion. Would be good for a first 6b. And the puzzling crux can be done relatively easily with beta by those not yet climbing 6b.
srrk - 23/Oct/00

The one hard move is quite technical and could be a stopper for anyone struggling at 6a. This hard move at the top seems to be a feature of this area!
Al - 18/Jun/01

A 1 move route, but its probably British 6a. Probably Fr6b+ then
Goi - 21/May/04

My first 6b on Portland. Enjoyed this one and will return to it. Found the top move a lot harder than 6a/6a+, but maybe thats cos i'm short. Dusty lower down.
Jez - 14/Jun/04

Definately a one-move route, but it's definately a 6b move. A nice climb.
Henry - 16/Aug/04

Yep, a one move wonder, but what a wonderful move it is...

A fair step harder than Future Imperfect (6a+ next door), but the same style, so one to progress on to if you've done FI in good form.

Top move more like english 5c, but I'll be willing to bet it is VERY arm-span dependent!
Pythonist - 10/Feb/05

All this stuff about arm span: I think that being tall can make getting you're weight over onto your left leg as you step on the ledge for this final move harder. Once you have the weight onto that foot, it's easy, you just edge up.
tonyyates - 10/Apr/06

first time sport climbing, what a good route, disagree with arm-span dependent, i heel hook and pulled up hard... but i could not see the JUG until you go for it and it's there!!
markju - 11/Jun/07

didn't need to use height for this - reverse side pulled thing at chest height, ramped the foot up to a rock over and WOAAHH JUGS! Hard to do when greasy though!
Andy R - 31/May/08

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