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Direct up the arete, keeping out of the corner all the way to the ledge. At the top, head left to join The Sod.
FA. Mike Vaicaitis 19.7.1995


This is really pumpy, the hardest thing being to stop yourself barn-dooring all the time. A couple of long-reaches too.
Ben - 22/Mar/00

A very tight eliminate with some good moves best left till you've done everything else!
JIMBO - 23/Mar/00

I can't climb 7a+, so its got to be 7a or maybe even top end 6c+ , simple as that!!! The moves aren't obvious at first. Good training route. Well worth doing
Ade Bond - 17/Jul/00

Haven't been climbing for years but almost did it in one on a top rope first go - top end 6c+
Andy - 11/Jul/01

It is only 6c+/7a if you dive left into the groove too early! Make sure (to get the 7a+) you stay on the arete all the way until you are standing on the ledge...
Jimbo - 18/Oct/01

I did it the other day, cool route really with some fun moves. (I thought it fairly obvious that you dont stray off into the corner though!)
crispy - 21/Sep/02

The description says quite clearly not to stray into the corner, so don't! Pumpy moves to start off with before a delicate move to reach the 3rd bolt. Once you're there it's all over, except for the excitement of clipping the bolt when you're knackered!
Alun - 08/Feb/05

TOP END 6c+ ... I don't think so. Definately deserves its grade if you ask me
FredMead - 17/Jul/05

Been back on it ... sorry, I have changed my opinion ... it is softish 7a. Never 7a+.
FredMead - 15/Dec/05

I did this last weekend - found it harder than all the F7a's I have redpointed, so cant agree it is soft F7a. It is sustained fingery climbing for about 5 consecutive moves which isnt my ideal cup of tea but I suppose it would feel easier for a hardened boulderer.

Also, cant agree with Aluns statement it is all over when you have clipped the 3rd bolt - I find the last move reaching the top and getting feet up to the ledge as hard any other on the route.
Richard Horn - 16/Dec/05

The whole thing is over quite quickly, but the last move to the ledge definitely feels like the redpoint crux for me, weak as I am...
Steve McQueen - 11/Feb/06

I agree with Richard that getting your feet up above the first bolt is the redpoint crux, at least for inflexible gits like me.
Oli - 20/Jul/06

i think i need sticky fingers for this one. i can never make the left hand crip before the pocket.
airbournegrapefruit - 19/Sep/06

well got just past the pocket this time round followed by me slipping of the big rail before i clipped the 3rd bolt. that hurt a bit!!
airbournegrapefruit - 20/Nov/06

well it took me a couple of months, but i have finally cracked it. cheers to all who played a part.
airbournegrapefruit - 18/Dec/06

awsome route but as some one who boulders alot il definatly say that its a big boulder problem and for me was easy but my friend who is more of a routes guy found it alot harder so if ur a boulderer and wanna climb f7a+ then get on it
peter - 03/Apr/07

good pumpy route for those only just getting into the 7's. felt bouldery and once you know the moves not that hard. worth doing. stay on the arete
Lloyd - 22/Apr/07

What a wicked route! I think it has a least 2 7a+ moves on it, Well worth a try.
Ben - 21/May/07

Lost a hold, making the moves past the first bolt slightly harder. Definitely worth 7a+ in my book - harder than Live By The Sword which is benchmark Cuttings 7a+ IMO. Probably does feel easier for the boulderer though. Bit eliminate but it climbs really nicely.
Nick - 04/Jul/11

Low end 7a+, enjoyable bouldery crux sequence and then off-balance moves near the top.
Roland O'Leary - 22/May/15

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