Hillman The Hunter

1 Stars

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Pass the brickwall with one peculiar hard move. Watch your leg behind the rope.
FA. Steve Taylor 13.1.1991


well hard for 6b+
alan - 30/May/00

Nah it's just a simple rockover. Opps, that let the cat out the bag!
ben stokes - 09/Jun/00

Ben, its only a simple rockover if you're mega strong. I agree with alan, well 'ard for 6b+.
Al Evans - 30/Oct/01

No, I'm with Ben on this one. Felt easy for the grade... A really good route though, should have a star.
Alex - 15/Nov/01

I've seen two leaders flip upside down lobbing off the crux - don't let that rope get behind your ankle!
Paul - 19/Mar/03

Pretty easy for 6b+ I thought. You don't have to be mega strong for the crux, you just need to get your feet and bodyweight in the right position.
Alun - 08/Feb/05

6b+ seems about right to me... I hung below the crux for a few minutes, then ran to the top. Not a particularly hard move, assuming you're happy with bolts!
Pythonist - 10/Feb/05

Stunning route, the holds are all there but a long reach seems to help gaining holds after the crux. Feels a softie for 6b+.
Pee Jay - 27/Jun/07

route is fine, just one long reach
FabioM - 15/Apr/19

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