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The narrow wall is best taken to the right of the bolts.


It's best to follow a line to the right of the bolts up to the crux. I may have been tired but I found this a very tough climb. The crux required great strength and balance and the ablility to take a few falls.
Albie - 31/May/01

We felt that this one was more like 6A+ or 6B. To climb it directly required several moves of English 5C.
john2 - 09/Jun/02

Not 5+. Harder technically than other 6a's but short with closely spaced bolts. One move is particularly reachy and the short can add another grade.
Toby Thurlow - 04/Nov/02

This is not a 5+ or a 6a got to be harder. Has someone removed all the handholds??
Toby Chisnall - 08/Dec/02

If I remember rightly, Mike Vaicaitis gave this somewhere in the region of 6c if you go totally direct up the wall. It's nothing like 6c though.
BenThorne - 07/Feb/03

I agree with the grading comments especially Toby's comment about the handholds being removed.Unfortunately my buddy was climbing and said to me that the undercut/spike on the right of the third bolt seemed really loose and I mockingly requested that he remove it.So he did.Apart from changing the grade we feel that the route name should change too. "Definitely Can't be" anyone?
steve gee - 05/Aug/03

I think that losing a hold has improved the climb as it is now a more dynamic climb past the 3rd bolt. Perhaps worth a single star(?)
Adam Perrett - 16/Dec/03

Should the voting panel include a two grades harder option!? Felt as hard as nearby 6b routes.
Bruce Kerr - 19/Feb/04

I went to the right of the bolts and it felt about 5+/6a. One reachy move.
Lard Master - 03/Jun/04

This is emphatically not 5+. Over the last five years or so I have done a good proportion of the climbs at Portland graded 6A - 6C and a few harder. I would, like some of the others that have commented, put it at good 6B. In fact I can remember several 6B+ climbs that I have found easier than this. Have to say though that it is a good climb, but someone got this badly wrong. Would say that the adjacent Sod is a bit out too, but not quite as much. Endorsed by the other three people that I climbed with last Sunday as well.
Pete - 15/Feb/05

Very tough for a 5+ but not sure if its quite 6b.
SC - 16/Feb/05

Good climb, but no way is it 5+! All I can say it is at least a stiff 6a+, probably more a 6b from my experience on other routes. There is some fresh-looking rock here, so I think some other bits have come off it recently. Much harder than the neighbouring Little Chef, for sure, which I feel is soundly graded despite a bit of polish.
gbuchanan - 10/May/05

Crux move definately hard off that undercut. Took me a few falls before I figured it out. It is only hard for 2-3 moves though and right next to the bolt. I haven't a lot of sport experience but wouldn't that bring the grade down to F6a?
richard ray - 22/Aug/05

so contrived and crap as a result. you can step out left and use good left arete holds but is that cheating? felt off-route to me but then you can still reach the bolts from their!!!
Wilbur - 30/Jan/06

follow the described line and this has some nice, hard moves. all 4 of us that climbed it reckoned it about 6b. good little route.
Iain Cattanach - 17/Jul/06

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