Blowing the Gimp

1 Stars

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A difficult-to-read crux on hard-to-see holds in its mid-section.
FA. Pete Oxley 23.11.1994


Should have a reach symbol! The first hold at the start of the crux sequence is virtually impossible to reach by non lankys!
Graham Hoey - 14/Feb/02

I don't remember it being reachy
goi ashmore - 16/May/02

Its not reachy, but I found it hard to read on sight.
Ed - 27/Dec/03

It is reachy, if you found it not reachy then you found something we didnt ... or your a 10 ft giant ...
FredMead - 20/Jul/05

I didn't find it reachy - you just need to get your feet up...
Ben Stokes - 21/Jul/05

If you were 2" taller you'd have found it a lot easier, as would I. Pulling away from the ledge with fully stretched arms makes it hard. Once you've done that it is OK.
steve taylor - 22/Jul/05

Eh up, Fred, I'm pretty small. Just streeeeetch! And enjoy...
Mick Ward - 22/Jul/05

lol, streeeeetch, okies. still think its a bit reachy tho. Will go back on it and see if getting the feet high makes it less stretchy
FredMead - 13/Aug/05

Finally did it
FredMead - 29/Aug/05

This is an excellent little route with a really nice sequence of technical moves across the bit of blank wall. It's very nearly in the same quality league as Haute Cuisine and Live By The Sword.
matt perks - 23/Jun/08

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