The Mouth Waters

2 Stars

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A pleasant, crimpy face climb with some good rests.
FA. Martin Crocker 16.4.1990


Where are the rests? - the crimps are quite slopey and the feet are shit. Still think it's 7b
Ben - 20/Mar/00

Very blind - can't see the holds and when you get them they are poo. Definitely 7b.
Paul - 30/Oct/00

Got it first redpoint when I was unfit - easy/middle 7a+. Haute Cuisine is harder. There is a rest when your hands are on the big block, and a hands-off when you're stood on the big block. Would be hard for anyone shorter than 5'10".
steve taylor - 07/Aug/01

I'm 5'8" and this was my first 7a+ flash...
duma brickhill - 19/Mar/02

Not too bad for the grade
goi ashmore - 11/Apr/02

Yeah, I (5'10''-ish) thought this was fairly mid/low in the grade too. Similar hardness to England's Dreaming?
Rob Kinsey - 13/May/02

I found it very unclear on how to climb it.
It felt like 7b/7b+. It realy did.
I must be week.
Good on those people who flashed it.
Daimon Beail - 14/Jan/03

Found the moves hard to read, but reasonable for 7a+, also found three good rests on the way up. I think middle to high in the grade.
flapper - 10/Mar/03

If crimping is your thing, its a nice steady route. Well placed bolts.
Ed - 11/May/03

Okay, four years on from my first comment, I believe this route is steady 7a, if 7a+. Still classy crimping.
Haute Cuisine is harder in my opinion.
Ben Thorne - 23/Sep/04

managed to onsite this but fell off Haute Cuisine so would be tempted to agree with some of the comments here!
However its more my style and id say 7a/ 7a+ would both be ok grades for this route.
As one of the above posts said there are afew rest points of sorts!
Rob - 24/Apr/07

On-sighted Haute Cuisine two years ago but fell off this today. Once I'd worked the moves it was fine but IMHO it's hard to on sight this route. It should also have a reachy symbol. I think (hard) 7a for Haute Cuise and middle of the road 7a+ for this is spot on. Mouth waters just feels harder because it's very blind.
Darren Holman - 27/Oct/07

i thought this route was very cool! i found it very tough as well! really good climbing after an excellent powerful and sequency start over the roof. Hard sections followed by good rests if you have a keen eye! Just very sustained and balancy on smallish holds! brilliant in my view, maybe a good one to push your limit on as well as it's very well protected
andy schof - 15/Feb/09

Brilliant route. Better and tougher than Haute Cuisine. Some decent resting points but the only way there is a hands off on top of the block is to move right and bridge into the 6a next door. But then you're on a 6a...
Iain Cattanach - 23/Feb/09

this isnt true about having to step right onto the neighbouring 6a to get a hands off! i got a hands of rest on this route around the same point your talking about but i can assure you no bridging was involved! have a closer look if you ever have any free time or end up at the cuttings again! i wont spoil it ;D
andy schof - 06/May/09

Much better and more engaging route than Haute Cuisine. Felt about the same difficulty to redpoint once wired, but took me longer to work out the sequence. Agree it would be a hard onsight. Couldn't get a hands off but found the rests adequete and the route not that pumpy overall. Really rewarding and enjoyable route to work on.
Nick - 09/Jun/10

Blind moves (as described above) in damp conditions last week - no onsight but still a great route. Sport climbs are surely graded for the technique/stamina required, not reading the rock?
Chris Parson - 29/Apr/13

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