Slip Road

1 Stars
 VS 4c

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An improbable-looking line for the grade - well protected and thoroughly enjoyable. Climb a short flake in the front of the buttress, then pull over a bulge with some difficulty to gain the corner and finish up it.


An improbable looking line for the grade, though very good fun, well protected and thouroughly enjoyable.
Ewan - 10/Oct/02

HS in the climbers club guide this one. Maybe VS but a soft touch.
Owen W-G - 25/Jun/04

Found the moves over the bulge very sketchy - not sure whether the fact that it was so cold I couldn't feel my fingers may have affected this though!
Rob Dyer - 08/Oct/04

Definitely VS and not to be taken lightly in the wet. Lovely climbing before and after the bulge with good gear before the crux.
Mike Kean - 04/Apr/07

I now think this route is worth another star after repeating it at the weekend. The climbing on the bottom and top halves differs in style and, as Mike says above, it is good throughout.
Martin Ladbury - 09/May/07

Not at all under-graded in my view. Getting over the bulge is quite tricky and took me ages to work out, even with three good pieces of gear in. A good route though.
David Gruar - 28/Jul/08

Yes ! After having messed about with this one a couple of weeks ago (and taken a leader fall after having hesitated before the crux) I just got on with it this time. Really good route.
Mark Reed - 17/Apr/11

Couldn't believe I took a 10-12ft lead fall off of the crux of this after having cleaned it before. I will blame the wet slot at the top of the crux crack (not the fact that I totally messed up the crux moves)
Mark Reed - 29/Sep/11

I love this climb (been off it more times than on - both lead and second). This time an absolute cruise one pull an it was done :-)
Mark Reed - 08/Jul/13

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