Load it for Me

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After a hard start, move rightwards into a shallow groove with a seepage streak.
FA. Pete Oxley 4.10.1986


now retroed
ben stokes - 08/Oct/01

Does anyone know what grade the line of petzls between load it for me and electric circus are?
Iain Pitcairn - 24/Jun/03

I think its Gym 'n' Tonic 7b+. Starts on first holds of Load it for me and finishes on Mr Gymnasia.
Richard White - 25/Jun/03

But this line of petzls is right of Load it for me between that route and Electric circus whereas Gym'n tonic is to the left of Load it for me and i dont think it has a seperate set of bolts...?
Iain Pitcairn - 26/Jun/03

Sorry Iain. The only other route in that area that hasn't been climbed is Petes project just to the left of Garage Mechanic. Unfortunately it is out of bounds until Pete climbs it. By the way, is that your chalk on Garage Mechanic? Was down there yesterday and it had fairly fresh chalk on it.
Richard White - 27/Jun/03

Ahh, so its Pete's project. Thats the info i was after. That was my mates chalk on G.M. and mine on shock to the system. Cant believe i havent seen you there yet...
Iain Pitcairn - 27/Jun/03

No chalk on Shock yesterday, due to waterfall running down it, much to Robs annoyance. I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon. Down on Sun again. You must be rapidly running out of 7c's to do there. Have you done Atonement yet? Not in current guide book.
Richard White - 27/Jun/03

Atonement is one of the few routes i have left to do - looks great but was really damp so we avoided it. I see liquid steel has been drilled for a retrobolting - excellent.
Iain Pitcairn - 27/Jun/03

Also replaced old bolts on Total, not much use to you now though. I decided to finally put some effort into helping with the rebolting of Prom and bolt a drill. Rob and myself will slowly get around to sort out all the routes Pete hasn't had time to do. Due to its position Atonement does need sun on it, best in late summer. When damp, its a real horror show. Carpe Diem is good and dries quickly being exposed to any breeze.
Richard White - 27/Jun/03

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