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Another popular route with the grade causing some debate, some think easier than Sardine, others harder. Follow Sardine to the traverse back right, then climb the depression above on small holds to a rest. Step left and make some quick pulls up the slab to reach the upper break.
FA. Steve Lewis 1988. This route straightened out several hybrids including a Fawcett variation on Sardine, and Bullet the Blue Sky.


Harder than sardine and indecent (to the body machine belay)- 7b+ I reckon
Tom - 04/Apr/02

There is no way this is 7b+! It has always been easier than Sardine plus Indecent is desparate by comparison. There is only one hard move on Tin of (the mono move) and the rest is just cruising up 5b/5c territory with the odd 6a move.
Ted - 29/May/02

I agree. I can't understand why people are voting for 7b+ for this. It is way easier than Sardine with significantly less climbing, a good rest and a vertical section at the finish. I suspect multiple voting by one person so ignore the 7b+ vote. To be honest, it is only just 7b.
Alan James - 29/May/02

wouldn't doing the start of tinof and the top of sardine be the easiest way up the wall?
stone - 10/Jun/02

General consensus at the crag is 7b+!!! And I still stand by my previous comment that it is harder than sardine and the full indecent pitch. It's much more sustained than sardine and technically harder than indecent. I really don't think one person has been casting multiple votes since everyone seems to find it hard. Surely not low end 7b alan?!
Tom - 14/Jun/02

I've got to agree with Alan, I can't see any way that this could be 7b+. A few years ago I spent a wet day playing on the Tin Of start / Sardine finish (first time ever at the the crag) I then returned a couple of years later and climbed Tin Of first go putting the quicks in - much as I'd like to believe it I don't climb 7b+ that easily. I would say low end 7b (particularly at peak grades).
Ian Patterson - 25/Jun/02

This argument that 'Tin Of is harder than Sardine so it must be 7b+' just doesn't wash.
Both routes are pretty representitive of 7b.
Nige M - 25/Jun/02

Certainly harder than Indecent but still only 7b. Substantially easier than Sardine (done the "proper way", Nige!).
Ashley - 21/Jul/02

There are 7a+s that are way harder than Tin Of in France Easy 7b and loads easier than Sardine and Indecent.
ian - 09/Sep/02

Hard 7b, not much easier than Sardine though!
Chris Doyle - 26/Mar/03

ians comment is spot on, compare Tin Of to No Mans Land in Buoux, guess which one I found way easier!
Jim - 21/May/03

Yeah but compare any 7b in Buoux with Tin Of or any other 7b in France and your going to get dismayed. Buoux is about 2 grades harder than everywhere else!
Jack - 22/May/03

Sardine is miles easier to warm up on than Tin of. The clip in the groove on Tin of is way harder than any move on either route. The other thing is once you know these routes they are a walk in the park. Even Toadside is an amenable warm up. Finally, No man's land has always been 7a+, and personally I thought 7a was fair. However i did do it 13 years ago and it probably is the only route at Buoux that i found easy!
craig - 21/Jun/03

when I first did it it was 7a+ however I think 7b is about right. Sardine is more technical at the undercutting moves, baffling to work out then a romp above. the traverse is scary tho
brian - 29/Jul/03

Hope you are going to abide by consensus/democracy Alan and not exercise editorial dictatorship. For what it is worth I find it to be 7B+ as I dont have steely finger strength to feel comfortable on that slanting hold on the crux which incidently feels a lot harder in sunny/greasy conditions.
Simon Lee - 20/Aug/03

Nothing as hard as the undercut moves on Sardine but Sardine eases up a lot sooner.
Philip Smith - 24/Feb/04

Its 7b & probably not hard at that, the pocket move is fine if you are good on pockets and the rest sustained but straight forward moves if you use your feet. Fell off at last clip on flash because I'm crap. Ace route!
Sam Ring - 26/May/06

Bear in mind Sam that about 2 years ago the mono pocket on the crux on Tin of became bigger due to a bit of rock falling out of it and is now a 2 finger one so the route in now easier.
ted - 26/May/06

Ah, that makes sense, thanks.
Sam Ring - 05/Jun/06

Done this a few times. I admit it took me longer to get than Sardine. I think it is a bench mark 7b. But most people at the Tor are climbing way past this grade so would say it felt easy. But they just don't know there own strength. I would say sardine is 7b too, but you have to find those holds. 7b+ if flashed.
Daimon Beail - 30/Oct/06

Significantly harder than Sardine. I agree with Lucy E's view that the grades of Sardine and Tin Of should be swapped.
Duncan b - 11/Jan/07

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