Señor Nesbit Rides Again


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Up the broken rock above the name.


Looks like a nice line but it isn't! my partner backed off when the 1st block moved a fair bit. (We hadn't seen the route description on ukc, which begs the question, Why bolt it if its dangerous??) I went up and it is frighteningly loose, the 1st block will easily pull away if you make the mistake of actually pulling on it! this will probably bring down the adjoining blocks to the left.... each of these are small tv sized. Then you reach the jenga blocks above which looked ok but on closer inspection are being held on by the combined crushing weight, one of these pieces sticks out waiting for your rope to go behind it. The tension of a tight rope behind this may just be enough to send it all crashing down. This route may stay up for 100 years or it may come on the next ascent. Bearing in mind its sandwiched inbetween several popular easy routes the likely hood is someone is going to get hurt on this or simply by standing at the bottom while someone else is climbing it. Beware!!!
SGD - 06/Mar/13

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