South Face

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Lots of sun!
25 mins

The recent developments here are on the 100m high face above and left of Segaria Public Park, and the rock across the gully to the left. A good cairned path leads from the car park to the foot of the crag in about 25 minutes. The rock quality is very good but generally the protection is rather sparse. Spanish and UK grades have been used but the latter are more appropriate. The routes have their names painted at their bases.

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The Ticking Crocodile
Start at a slab with bulges. 1) 5, 35m. Follow the slab on the right side of the overhangs (2 pegs). An awkward bulge leads to...
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15m. Climb the left-hand wall of the blunt buttress. Go left at the ledge at two thirds height up a crack. You can easily walk...
1) 4, 20m. Start from the ledge and climb up, keeping left of the overhanging block, to a belay shared with Peter Pan. 2) 4,...
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Peter Pan
1) 5, 20m. Climb the slabby wall right of the prominent overhanging block and belay on the large ledge above. 2) 5+ 20m. Climb...
1 Stars
1) 4, 20m. Climb the slab 5m right of Peter Pan, on the right of the bulge. Move left to a good ledge with peg and nut belays....
Time Team
18m. Start 35m left of the 4-trunked tree at a blunt buttress with a thin crack on its right-hand side. Climb up to a hard move...
1) 5, 20m. Start up the blunt buttress left of Bob. Climb this on its left-hand side, then cross easier ground to tree...
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Black Adder
35m. Start 15m left of the 4-trunked tree at the start of I Have a Cunning Plan in a shallow bay. Take the vague rib on the...
40m. Start 2m left of IHACP. Climb the ramp, step right, then left under the bulge and follow the ramp finishing left up a rib....
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I Have a Cunning Plan
40m. Start at a slabby rib behind the 4-trunked tree and climb the centre of the buttress past a bulge to a ledge. Step across...
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The Baldrick Extension
1) 40m. As for I Have a Cunning Plan to the tree belay. 2) 15m. Straight through the bulges then trend to the right to a small...
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A Senior Moment
On the main face, just right of centre is the groove of Last of the Summer Wine. Start on the rounded rib left of this. 1)...
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1 Stars
Last of the Summer Wine
1) 25m. Climb the slanting groove, mainly on its right, to below a vegetated ledge, then take the wall on the left to the belay...
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1 Stars
Unconventional Lives
The big wall right of the main buttress up its left side. 1) 25m. Climb up the depression to a ledge on the left, then head...
No Pockets in Shrouds
A line through the overhangs at a break on the right. 1) 25m. Climb easily up to the weakness at the right end of the roof,...
Days of Wine and Roses
Start 15m right of No Pockets in Shrouds. 1) 40m. Climb the easy slab and rib on the right to a small overhang. Move easily up...