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To the right of the Fo'c'sle area is series of short slabby walls and grooves ending at a prominent flying prow resting on a large block. This is another good area for beginners that fancy getting on with climbing without too many eyes on them, as it is invariably quieter than the areas to the left.
Approach (see map on page 477) - The area is a couple of minutes right of the point where the approach path arrives at the crag.

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Cave Gully
The groove above the cave recess is climbed by some stretchy bridging moves. Green and awkward to protect.
2 user comments
1 Stars
Ta Very Much
Climb the right wall of the gully by a few decent moves using a pocket and small flake. Keep left for the best effect.
4 user comments
Tar's Arete
Approach the arete steeply from the left (or direct - harder) using well-glossed holds then follow it with pleasant situations.
4 user comments
1 Stars
Ta Ta For Now
Start at a pointed spike below the bulges, pull through the overhang (4c for the strong-of-arm?) and climb the slab above.
7 user comments
Tar's Crack
The steep crack is awkward to enter, bridging works best.
1 user comment
1 Stars
Tar's Wall
A problem start gains the easier slab above.
4 user comments
Tar's Traverse
A mild rising traverse across the hanging Tar's Slab, from the gully on the far right, to a finish on the arete to the left.
2 user comments
Tar's Climb
The right-hand arete of the wall on slopers.
1 user comment
Tar's Gully
Easily up the gully then the crack, escape right at the top.
2 user comments
Pig Head
The right-hand arete of the gully is a bit of a grunt to start.
2 user comments
Climb a left-slanting groove to easy ground.
2 user comments
Prow Wall
Climb the blunt arete to the left of the gully to a steeper crack.
1 user comment
Prow Gully
Vegetated peregrinations up the groove in the angle.
Barbette Arete
The short left edge of the jutting prow.
Barbette Crack
Climb the thin crack to its end, then swing left and continue boldly to a reachy and shelving exit. A loose flake has to be...
3 user comments
1 Stars
Barbette Wall
The left-hand wall of the jutting prow is climbed on an unusual set of pockets.
1 user comment
Barbette Buttress
Start from the supporting block and climb the front face of the prow via the thin crack and some holds on the left.
1 user comment
1 Stars
Cannonball Crack
The V-shaped groove right of the prow is wedged and wriggled. Awkward to protect without 'big guns'.
3 user comments
Cannonball Wall
Mantelshelf onto a block, step left and climb the pocketed face. A direct start is 5a, if you can reach the first of the holds.
5 user comments
1 Stars
Gunner's Gangway
Start on the right to reach the ledge at the start of the previous climb and continue up the widening crack.
2 user comments
Lieutenant's Ladder
The blocky ridge has a tricky little bulge.
1 user comment
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