Craig Aderyn

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Lots of sun!
30 mins

A high but fast-drying slab, ideal for those wanting to get away from it all. The rock has a beautiful grit like feel and gets sun to mid afternoon. Most of the routes can be climbed in one pitch, however they are just over 50m, so a 55m rope or some shenanigans are required. Follow the Miners' Track to Llyn Teyrn. Break left down the hill to cross the large pipeline. Continue across marshy ground.Descent - Head well right from the top of the crag and descend the ridge, cutting back on yourself down a ramp near the bottom.

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Treasury Climb
More overgrown than the rest of the routes here, but still worthwhile. Climb the left-hand side of the slab to the top of the...
1 Stars
VS 4c
Via Media
A fine route. Start below the centre of the wall, move up and right to a small rake, then head straight up to near the...
1 Stars
VS 5a
Jacob's Ladder
Start 3m left of the arete and continue up the slab parallel to this. Eventually you join the arete near its top, follow it...
1 Stars
Jacob's Media
A fine slab pitch linking two existing routes to give the best climb on the crag. Climb Jacob's Ladder then, at two thirds...
1 user comment
2 Stars
HS 4a
Arete Climb
An enjoyable outing up the right arete. Follow the arete, passing a possible belay at 30m.
1 Stars
Subsidiary Slab
A pleasant scramble up the smaller set-back slab. A belay is possible at the top of the first slab.
1 Stars
Bowling for Columbine
A short route without much gear, up a slab. The crux is thankfully near the bottom and it is reasonably escapable.
1 Stars
HVS 5b