Sea Cave Zawn

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Sun and Shade
25 mins

A great zawn, with several excellent routes, none finer than Electric Blue. Approach (see map on page 316) - Take the cliff-top path above Llawder Zawn and, from the corner of the wall, head 100m along and then left to the headland, where the crag can be viewed. Scramble down from here or make a short abseil. To get to Electric Blue walk back 20m towards the route and descend a rib. A high tide is favourable for Electric Blue!

Route (click for voting and user comments) Symbols Grade
Symphony Crack
An excellent and easy adventure. Start by scrambling down the promontory to a good ledge, you should be able to identify the...
3 Stars
Fan Fare
An excellent route that is steeper than most routes of this grade; the holds are enormous though. Start below a prominent...
2 Stars
HVS 4c
Electric Blue
An amazing route, and one of the best deep water solos in the UK, although it is a bold one being both high and above rocks at...
3 Stars
E4 5c