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Sun and Shade
45 mins
Up and Down

This fine slab has a series of excellent routes in a great setting above the backdrop of Cwm Silyn. All these routes end up on the summit ridge. Continue along the summit ridge to the top, then head right to the top of a wide gully. A steep descent can be made down here - take care with loose rock if there are people below. A great alternative is to do the final route of the day with your gear on your back, then walk past the descent gully and continue more easily around the top of the Cwm to regain the approach path.

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Outside Edge Route Top 50
One of the great Welsh mountain routes. It takes a superb line across the buttress, finishing in a glorious position on the...
3 Stars
Ordinary Route
The original route of the slab is a good'un, which can be attempted in all weather by the competent. There are plenty of ledges...
1 user comment
2 Stars
Kirkus Route
The best line up the main slab gives good sustained climbing that is never desperate. Start as for Ordinary Route.1) 4c,...
1 user comment
2 Stars
VS 4c
Kirkus Direct
A good companion which is probably less direct than the original route. Start below the right-hand side of the slab.1) 5a,...
1 user comment
2 Stars
HVS 5b
Central Variant
A good variation finish which gains the groove high on the slab.1) As for Kirkus Route.2) 5a, 35m. Follow Kirkus Direct...
1 Stars
HVS 5a
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    Ordinary Route
    "How can a 2 star route be a Top 50 route? Outside Edge is much better." 05/Jun

    Kirkus Route
    "For the guidebook team - is this the right line as described in the classics gui..." 01/Aug

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