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No sun
25 mins
Up and Down

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No Time to Pose
14m. Flash up the leaning arete and double overhang rapidly.
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3 Stars
E5 6b
Napoleon's Direct
14m. Follow the slanting groove to the overhang and layback through this with difficulty
1 Stars
E2 5c
Mark I
12m. The slabby angle and wide crack above ledges.
1 Stars
Mark II
16m. Climb the right-hand crack which narrows and steepens, maintaining interest throughout.
The Derivatives
18m. Where Mark II begins to feel pushy escape right to the arete and the slab above.
1 user comment
18m. Climb right then left into a recess and exit leftwards from this up a crack. Trend right across the exposed and precarious...
1 Stars
E1 5c
22m. Follow Rollup to the niche then shuffle right below the roof to a ledge (possible stance). The wide (Wedgewood) crack...
2 Stars
HVS 5a
Stranger Than Friction
20m. Access the undercut slab with difficulty and teeter up it and the blunt arete above Finish up the final hanging arete on...
2 Stars
E3 5c
Wedgewood Crack
24m. From the gully traverse left along a break to the arete and a little higher a possible stance. Wedge the Wedgewood Crack...
1 user comment
2 Stars
VS 4c
Wall of China
18m. Climb the flaring left-leaning crack to a large ledges then had right to the arete and climb this boldly to a finish up a...
1 Stars
E4 6b
True Grit
18m. A great outing up the bulging gully wall. Trend left though a bulge then continue right of the arete.
2 user comments
3 Stars
E3 5c
Sniffer Dog
14m. Climb the centre left-hand wall of the gully passing a useful vertical crack.
1 Stars
E1 5b
Trinnacle East
12m. Climb out onto the north facing wall to a groove and climb this passing a wobbly flake.
2 Stars
HVS 5a
The Left Monolith
12m. The front face of the monolith is a classic little pitch, well marked and well travelled.
1 user comment
3 Stars
Trinnacle Chimney
10m. The widening rift that splits the towers is a good easy offering.
1 Stars
The Right Monolith
10m. The centre of the right-hand tower is best climbed without deviation
1 Stars
HVS 5a
Trinnacle West
8m. The leaning south face is climbed via crack, passing the overhang with difficulty.
1 Stars
E1 5b
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    Wall and Crack Climb
    "Felt very hard for the grade. Dirty, grassy and bold." 28/Jul

    Gray's Wall
    "I have no idea what grade this is as I only got 2 foot off the ground. But it's..." 28/Jul

    Green Wall
    "Tricky start and finish! Bold for the grade." 13/Jun

    The Derivatives
    "The top slab is rathy necky for a VDiff!" 11/Jun

    The Drainpipe
    "Filty, even after 2 weeks of hot sunny weather! As the BMC guide says, "it..." 11/Jun

    "I could be wrong but the line shown does not seem to correspond with the line in..." 16/Sep

    Nil Desperandum
    "Beware of the midges" 20/Jun

    True Grit
    "a stunner. one of the best routes i've done on grit. two large Friends are worth..." 08/Dec

    True Grit
    "a real moorland classic not hard in the grade,a solo one very windy evening made..." 04/Oct

    "tis nails i agree, but i did manage to do it, i think i spent a day and a half c..." 22/Sep

    "apart from con, i've never met anyone who's actually completed this...nails!" 21/Sep

    Over the Moors
    "Black Mountain College a 3 star E7 6b, low in the grade, quite bold. Up that wal..." 29/May

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