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Lots of sun!
40 mins
Restricted Access

The main wall of the cliff is the show-piece of the place with many fine climbs on good rock. It also gets plenty of sun.
Approach from below. Phone 01457 872094 to get permission.

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Kathryn's Crack
16m. The leaning groove leads to ledges and a crack in the upper wall.
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1 Stars
HVS 5b
14m. A chimney groove leads to a ledge where a second chimney leads to a ledge on the right. Finish up the wall.
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14m. A variation to the central section of Echantillon taking the groove on its right.
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Greystone Pillar
14m. Follow the steep crack to an awkward landing then gain the cracks in the final wall by a loop out left the back right.
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1 Stars
VS 4c
14m. Climb a thin crack to a ledge hen step right and tackle the finger width fissure above.
 HVS 5b
It's a Small World
14m. The bold and technical arete.
1 Stars
E3 5c
Smiler's Corner
14m. The long angular groove at the left end of the area of collapsed rock.
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1 Stars
HS 4b
14m. The cracks right of the groove to a harrowing exit.
 E2 5b
The Boggart
14m. The centre of the wall to another awkward exit.
 HVS 4c
Pillar Front
14m. The low-relief pillar reached by an awkward crack.
 HVS 5a
14m. A thin crack leads to a ledge, then follow the groove to a crusty exit on the right.
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 VS 4c
Elegy on a Rusticpole
14m. Start up Pinocchio then move right and climb the left-hand arete of the pillar.
 E2 5c
Digital Dilemma
14m. The thin cracks in the pillar are finger wreckers. Finish out right.
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 E2 5c
12m. The right-facing corner starting from a ledge.
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 S 4b
Fallen Heroes
12m. The leaning hand jamming crack is one of the best hereabouts. FA. Allan Wolfenden 1972
3 user comments
2 Stars
E1 5b
12m. Either re-climb the direct start where pebbles used to be, or start up Fallen Heroes and move right to the centre of the...
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1 Stars
E3 5c
16m. Climb the wall to a ledge an the excellent cracks in the groove directly above.
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2 Stars
S 4a
Prunin' the Duck
16m. Climb the arete with a difficult start over a bulge.
 E2 5c
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